Does That Lettuce Look HUNGRY? – A TSRA Tale…

Now here is a bedtime story written by The Story Reading Ape himself… oh oh..looks like we should have been talking nicely to the plants after all…. I can feel a book coming Chris.. the collective works.

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Prompt originally from author Mary Beth Robb’s blog HERE

It was all the fault of those pesky woodworms that chewed up old Grandma Archaeopteris way back around the Devonian Period when life in the oceans seemed to ingest the evolutionary equivalent of ‘Speed’ and coughed up the beginnings of landlife onto the shores of Pangaea.

She didn’t mind when only the first two of them came along and decided to make their home in her bark, but when, in the space of only a few tree hours, there seemed to be millions of the little beggars chewing at her, she sent out a signal to her sisters, via the root-web, asking for ideas on how to get rid of the irritating biters.

Some of her tree-sisters told her about chemicals they’d developed in their sap that seemed to discourage the invaders, other tree-sisters said they’d found a way to discard their woodworm…

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