Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the shelves – The Cloud at the End of the Rainbow by Jill Sammut

New on the shelves

Welcome to the first of the Cafe and Bookstore promotions this week. The Cloud at the End of My Rainbow by Jill Sammut is a children’s book about overcoming fears and courage.

51smtnxt1zl-_uy250_About the book

Will Elliot ever overcome her fears? Surrounded by beautiful horses on her mother’s farm, Elliot McIntire should be thrilled. She could ride dozens of show horses every day! Instead, Elliot finds she is terrified of the animals. Unlike her championship-winning younger sister, Daisy, Elliot would rather spend her days sewing or working on art projects.

When an intriguing young pianist moves into the neighborhood, the two become fast friends. After the two strike a deal that involves Elliot riding a horse for the first time in years, will their new-found friendship survive?

Inspired by the needs of her students and family, Jill Sammut wrote “The Cloud at the End of My Rainbow” specifically for a particular child who felt no one understood her worries. In Jill’s debut novel, the author gives voice to a young girl battling anxiety and a best friend who lives with cerebral palsy.

It is the author’s wish to create inspiring characters in which children, not often represented in traditional stories, can see themselves.

Two of the reviews for the book

This book talks about real life issues, such as …  by Stacy Weatherhead  on September 30, 2016

This book talks about real life issues, such as, having anxiety and panic attacks, being bullied and being different and that being different is okay. These issues are written about in a very creative story that is entertaining from start to finish. The author uses humor and real life situations to tell Elliot’s story. I am excited to see what happens in the second book of this series.

A Must Have Book!!  By Amazon Customer on August 17, 2016

This book is wonderful! I have been a teacher for many years and have seen many children struggle with anxiety issues. Finally there is a children’s book that has the main character dealing with the same thing. This book is a must for children, parents, and teachers! If you know a child with anxiety do them a favor and get them this book. They will see they are not alone in their struggle.

Read all the reviews and buy the book in Kindle or Paperback:


About Jill Sammut.

As a teacher in Flint, a mother, and a foster parent, I have seen many kids who struggle to find themselves represented in popular culture.A child I have known and loved has battled anxiety from an early age. As she struggled through a difficult time period, I looked for ways to help. I wanted to find a kid’s chapter book for her where the main character worked through similar issues in a compassionate manner.

I wanted a series where the main characters were a little different, and lived in in neighborhood where everyone didn’t look the same. When I was unable to find what I needed, I decided to write it myself. “The Cloud at the End of My Rainbow” is the first book in this series. My second book, “When the Rain Falls,” will be available in 2017. When I’m not working, writing, or mommying, I enjoy reading, travel, and running.

Connect to Jill

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