The Afternoon Video – The empathy of animals.

We watched the first episode of an amazing series where animaltronic creatures fitted with a spy camera are placed amongst groups of animals to film their lives. This small piece of the first documentary is mind blowing… and will change your views on animals forever.


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27 thoughts on “The Afternoon Video – The empathy of animals.

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  2. Sally I watched this too. Animals are just people- we cannot pretend anymore they’re not. Surely it’s time to rise up and demanded they’re protected in the same way people have rights under international law. I don’t mean we need to go vegetarian – everything dies. But surely we should ensure they have some rights to life and some right to share this world unhindered; a decent quality of life and a painless stress free death if being farmed for food. When you see things like this, it make the casual cruelty of humans both to each other and other living things intolerable

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  3. Carol and I began rescuing cats in the late nineties and watched their social behavior with fascination. Their communication skills, ability to deceive and to form and reform alliances is remarkable.

    I think animals deserve scientific study outside the lab and out of the wild. Rather rescues and dislocated animals deserve their own habitats with 24-hour observation as they interact with humans and each other. For instance, would Koko the bonobo have taught his adopted mother, or peers, to sign had they been observed in a habitat and not a lab? Unfortunately, no one thought to frame the terms of such an experience.

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    • I hope our understanding of all animals is developed Phillip.. unfortunately the people watching this documentary and like you and Carol who are committed to welfare are not the people that need to be reached. Where animals of every breed such as dogs, cats and horses are considered to be food, getting the message across that they are a species sharing this planet and deserving of our respect is going to take a very long time. thank goodness for caring people like you both.


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