Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 19th January 2017 – Dogs vs. Snow, Safari, Afriku, FB spats and Cork City Gaol

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I know that many of you including those living on the Costas in Spain have had snow, sometimes after decades. I have to admit loving snow if I don’t have to travel far and since I love dogs too.. this first post ticked a lot of boxes.. A very interesting and entertaining blog, not just for dog lovers.  When you go over to the post you will find a wonderful video of a Jack Russell who also is mad about the white stuff.. joy. Thanks to Mel from St. Paul, Minnesota and her blog.. No Dog About It.


My mother and I were commiserating about the weather last week. “We’d prefer snow over the bitter cold,’ we said to each other, and then, just like magic, we got snow!

Of course, it came during rush hour (3 days in a row) which made the morning commutes messy, but I didn’t really mind because… snow.

Fresh snow covers up the old, dull snow. It makes everything look so fresh and clean again. It’s fluffy and sparkly and looks so magical and fun.

The best part is watching the dogs romp in the fresh snow. They love it so much. Foster Maggie rolls around in it (over and over again), Cupcake lays down in it, and Jasper just runs around jumping and spinning around in it. Even Daisy loves the snow. It brings out the puppy in her.

Read on and watch the video….


If like us you have decided that perhaps you are done with long haul travel (for the moment anyway) then it is interesting and entertaining to follow other travellers as they experience the big wide world and share it with us on their blogs. Mark and Miranda are from Australia and for the last two years they have been travelling the globe.. There are some wonderful photographs in this post as well as a wonderful description of their visit on their blog The Common Wanderer.

‘Going on safari is super cool. What’s decidedly uncool is having to deal with the armies of jeeps and hordes of tourists in the big parks that sometimes make it feel more like a theme park with little care for the wildlife you’re there to see.

Luckily, we know a place off the beaten tourist track, without the camo-crowds, where you can still see Africa like Attenborough – and we know you’ll love it as much as we did. Introducing, Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.’

See the photos and read on....


As you some of you may have seen I have been enjoying my learning experiences with Haiku over the last few months.. This post caught my eye in my reader today. It is a review of Afriku, Haiku and Senryu from Ghana by Adjei Agyei Baah by fellow poet Celestine Nudana


‘Today, I’m posting well, a sort of review of AFRIKU, HAIKU AND SENRYU FROM GHANA. by Adjei Agyei Baah, a fellow Ghanaian and one of the first to write haiku, (long before me) in Ghana. He is the first to coin the term Afriku; haiku written to denote the peculiar culture and imagery of Africa.

Adjei’s is able to capture the depth and wealth of African sounds, sights, images and smells in simple and yet rich language. The added beauty of this debut jewel of a haiku and senryu collection is the translations from English into the local vernacular, Akan.’

Read some of the Haiku and the rest of the review.


This post caught my eye because this week on Facebook I found myself in the middle of a storm not of my making.. I made a remark on someone’s post commiserating about some mishap and the next thing I knew there were all sorts of accusations flying around aimed at the owner of the original post. It took me a while to work out what the fuss was about and then I got out of Dodge… but I have to say the dogmatic viciousness resulted in a little purge in my contact list!

Any way here is a post by Jim Webster along the same lines… I am all for standing your ground over something worth it.. but there sometimes it is simply unbecoming…

‘Self-identification’ crisis.

‘Once upon a time I could say, in all honesty, “You wouldn’t believe the loonies you find out there.” Now, thanks to Facebook, you have no problem in believing me because you’ve ‘met’ them as well.

Because I was travelling for a couple of days I wasn’t anywhere near any internet access so had time to think rather than merely reacting, emoting, or simply making snide comments. This got me thinking about the people I come across on Facebook. Because I’m a writer I get asked to be friends by other writers. I suspect that this is because we’re sad and insecure people who feel that other writers are selling far more books than we are. So if we get to be friends with them on Facebook, our posts will appear on their feeds and their millions of friends will see them and we might just possibly sell some books by riding on their coat tails.

Now the writers themselves aren’t so bad to be honest. But their friends? Sheesh.’

Read on...


My mother’s family on her father’s side came from Cork and I am planning to take a trip down there from Wexford soon to explore the archives at the heritage centre.  I know a bit about my grandfather from his service records that I managed to unearth from the Records office in London.. I think it might be likely that some of my ancestors may well have spent time in Cork gaol…. A very atmospheric post and great photos Jean Reinhardt and her Thursday Doors post.

Continuing the tour of inside Cork City Gaol this week makes for a very sombre Thursday Doors post. However, the first room we ventured into wasn’t too daunting – it even had the warm glow of a fire and a kindly looking governor seated at his desk. Queen Victoria herself kept a watchful eye over him from her position over the mantelpiece.

Read on..

I hope you have enjoyed my selection today and that you head over and read the full posts.

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