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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Author Paul Andruss never fails to entertain and inform and this post is no exception. The life and times of Jeane Dixon whose prophesies influenced world leaders. Recommend that you head over to read the article.. and if you missed Paul’s guest posts for Smorgasbord they are in this directory..and we can look forward to new posts every first Friday of the month.

Thomas the Rhymer‘Psychic and astrologer Jeane Dixon (1904-1997) became the most famous prophetess in America after successfully predicting the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1956.

Her prophecy went… ‘1960 presidential election will be won by a Democrat who would be assassinated or die in office, though not necessarily in his first term.’

After the event, other versions provided extra details. ‘He would be tall and young with thick brown hair and blue eyes’. She later said she specifically told the newspapers he would be assassinated. But they refused to print it.

Dixon contradicted herself by later admitting she believed Nixon not Kennedy would win the 1960 Presidential Election. This might be why Nixon, when in office, followed her predictions and met with her in the Oval Office in 1971. The following year, after her prediction of terrorist attacks in the United States after the Munich massacre, Nixon set up a counter-terrorism committee.’

Read on….

Susan Toy

Susan Toy generously offers her blogs for promotion of other authors.. Like any book marketing it only works if the authors participate.  If you have been promoted on Reading Recommendations in the past then when was the last time your shared that link on your own social media… if like me your followers have grown in number since have a new audience.  A book promotion is not a one day wonder…. it can be used multiple times…that is how you can make multiple sales….

‘This post is mainly for all you angst-ridden authors out there who moan and groan about how little promotion and publicity you receive for the books you publish. Yes, it’s true, there are definitely fewer outlets reviewing books or interviewing authors. So what are we supposed to do to get the word out and attract new readers to our work?

When I ePublished my first novel, I received “some” attention (i.e. Not a lot …) for my efforts, but I carried on regardless and continued to promote other authors, as well as my own books, through my business Alberta Books Canada. Then I moved back to the Caribbean and become much more involved in the online writing community, especially with regards to indie authors around the world who were in the same boat as me – wondering how the heck to promote our books effectively. And how to attract new readers to books in general.’

Read how to promote your book:

sacha black

The next post is the review of the YA novel Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland on Sacha Black’s blog.  Sounds like an intriguing book.

‘I love YA. But mostly, I read YA fantasy or dystopian fiction. That was silly. I won’t be restricting myself like that again. I’d forgotten there was an enormous field of books in the YA genre and I nearly missed out on this little gem of a book. That would have been a mistake.

This book is for anyone who’s felt like a weirdo, or who doesn’t understand strange people.’


Read the blurb and Sacha’s review:


Time for an author interview of Lukas Konandreas by Effrosyni Moschoudi.. Talking about his book Better Dead Than Divorced….a murder thriller set in a small village in Greece set in the 1950s.


‘Hello! Today, I am thrilled to share an author interview with Lukas Konandreas – a Greek doctor living in the USA who has published a real-life crime story from rural Greece in the 1950s. Back then, Lukas Konandreas’ father had a beloved cousin called Panayota. When he found out her violent and unfaithful husband planned to have her killed, he begged her to leave him, but she refused, not wanting to be stigmatized in the village as a ‘divorcee’.

Choosing to live with the mortal danger instead, she stayed at home and eventually got murdered. The book tells a gruesome and riveting story of crime and punishment that provides food for thought and highlights the terrible social restraints women suffered in small village communities in the 1950s.

Read about the book and the interview:


On the subject of Children’s Books.. Georgina Cromarty of The Writing Chimp revisits books from her childhood on a regular basis.. I used to love fairy stories as a child but I do remember crying buckets over some of them… one always comes to mind. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson.. any read Georgina’s post on the subject and what the stories might teach us.

‘I make a point of trying to read a couple of classic children’s books each year. When I was little I adored the ladybird books. I still know some of the verses, which shows how many times I read them! The thing that always amuses me when I re-read classic children’s books is how unhappy, or just plain macabre, some of them were.’

Read on..

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