Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 26th January 2017 – Patience, Awards, Inspirations, Revenge and a party.

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to the daily blogging update… a very windy and cold day and definitely one to spend in the company of talented writers here.  Here is my small selection which I hope you will find interesting including posts on patience, blogging awards, writing inspirations, revenge and a meet and greet.  Do please leave your link to your most recent post in case I have missed it.


Apparently my mother went into labour at 4pm. and I arrived at 6pm.  I have been in a hurry ever since. I have learned a bit more patience over time but I still like to see things getting done in a timely manner. Jan Sikes obviously has the same approach to life and here is her post on the subject.. I am sure she will enjoy hearing from you.

‘I was born in August under the sign of Leo. When they were handing out buckets of patience, I obviously said, “No, Thank you.”

I’ve always wanted to make everything happen at lightning speed and therefore have worked hard to achieve my goals and dreams, forced round pegs into square holes and swam upstream a large portion of my life.’

Read on….


Angie Dokos is celebrating her first Sunshine Blogger Award and has done a great job.  Awards are a very welcome form of recognition from your fellow bloggers and Angie has reciprocated with a list of 11 other bloggers which is worth checking to make sure you are following. My thanks to Angie for nominating this blog…

‘This is my first “Sunshine Blogger Award.” Thank you Shanannigans, from Reads & Reels, for thinking of me. I really appreciate it.

Here are the rules:
· Post the award on your blog
· Thank the person who nominated you
· Answer the 11 questions they sent you
· Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
· Give them 11 questions’

Read the rest of the rules and discover the eleven bloggers that Angie has nominated.….

51kfuo5o46l-_uy250_Children’s author Darlene Foster is interviewed by Kristen Lindsay Hager about the  inspiration behind her books…As Amanda, the lead character in Darlene’s books is a keen traveller, it has meant there has been a necessity for world-wide adventures – listening to the wind howling around the house I think I need to write a novel set in Hawaii…

amandadanubefinal‘A question I am often asked is where I get ideas for my books. In this case, I was fortunate to go on a fabulous river cruise down the Danube with my hubby and some good friends four years ago. We had a fabulous time and everywhere we visited I thought, Amanda would love this place. I took notes and tons of pictures. For a writer, your characters are always on your mind and you never really take a holiday from writing. I had just published Amanda in England and was working on Amanda in Alberta at the time.

When I eventually started to write Amanda on the Danube, I was in the midst of a huge transition in my life. I had just retired from my day job after 48 years of working. Then my husband and I sold, gave away and threw out seventy-five percent of our belongings, packed the rest and moved to Spain to start a new life.’

Read the rest of the interview:


John Fioravanti asks the question…Revenge… Why Not? in his post yesterday.. what is your view on the subject.. I left mine in the comments and I am sure John would like to receive yours.

Revenge only engenders violence, not clarity and true peace. I think liberation must come from within.”
~ Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros (1954 – ) is Mexican by heritage and spent her childhood migrating with her family between Mexico City and Chicago – where she attended high school and studied for her degree. She is a venerated Chicana writer who struggled with her cultural identity throughout her youth. She is best known for her novel House on Mango Street where she tells the stories of the marginalised women with whom she identifies.

In this quote, Cisneros points out that revenge itself is an act couched in a desire to inflict some suffering upon another. As such, it seeks to do harm, not good, and will, therefore, foster the same desire within the targeted person or party.

Read the rest of the post and share your views:


I love blog parties and meet and greets as they offer everyone the opportunity to find other like-minded bloggers and also to leave links to their own work.  I have met some terrific people this way and whilst you may not stay in regular touch with those you connect with, you are likely to build a strong support group around you over time.. Linda J. Wolff hosts her first meet and greet and asks that you head over and share you details and connect with others.. You will find some familiar faces there already but plenty of new poets, authors and bloggers to meet for the first time.

‘Well, this is my first post I have done for a Meet and Greet. And I hope to create some great connections here. I’ll keep doing these off and on, and I think they will provide a great OPPORTUNITY for “active bloggers” to network with others.

I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to view or people to converse with to browse through the comment section and network.’

Head over and meet and greet:

Thank you for dropping in and please remember to leave your link to your latest post in the comments.. thanks Sally


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