Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 27th January 2017 – Llandeilo Lit Fest, Book trailers, Thriving Thursday, Women’s Fiction and Fantasy


Organised by author Christoph Fischer, The Hwyl Llandeilo Lit Fest will be running Thursday and Friday evening, April 27th and 28th 2017 and Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th from 11 am until late.The exact programme is still under development but confirmed highlights, to be taking place in the Cawdor Hotel Horeb Chapel and the Angel Inn, Landeilo  More details about the origins of the festival and venues can be found here:


One of the events taking place is a book reading by Angela Fish onSaturday April 29th 4pm at Eve’s Toy Shop.

In her Ben and The Spider trilogy Angela has created three tales of how young Ben helps a Spider Wizard, through loyalty, friendship, perseverance and a wonderful Gran.Inspired by Castell Coch, near her home village of Tongwynlais, Angela is a published poet, who after taking early retirement from the University of South Wales, started to experiment with writing for children.

A popular speaker in schools and book fairs, Angela will be reading from Ben and the Spider Lake.

Find out more about the book festival and Angela Fish


Seumas Gallacher is entertaining guest author April Taylor who encourages us to employ book trailer videos in our marketing.. with an easy to follow tutorial this is a very informative and useful post for any author.


April Taylor, accomplished writer of the Georgia Pattison crime novels, and no mean soprano in her own vocal right, serves up some great self-made videos… but more than that, she tells yeez how to go about creating similar productions yerselves… have a wee look and listen:

Promo vid/visual presentations for authors by April Taylor

This is aimed at writers who are not necessarily computer wizards and just need a few pointers on how to put together a short video/slideshow presentation to upload to social media to publicise their books. I shall use the term video throughout for convenience.

Find out more about April Taylor’s tutorial:


Teagan Geneviene provides some much needed motivation as we head into the end of another week.. although Teagan has a steady gig on The Story Reading Ape each month , she is sharing the posts again in her motivational series on her own blog.  This post reminds us to bring different elements of our lives closer together.

Thriving Thursdays: Adjust Accordingly

I was delighted when our Ape in Chief invited me to the tree-house to do a mini-series. Those of you who know me, are used to seeing me write fiction for my blog, Teagan’s Books. However, for these posts, I’m sharing my “office” side. While it’s not part of my job at the moment, I’ve written a log of motivational messages. I continued that via my LinkedIn blog where I do mini posts.

Read on


Michelle Clements James loves books and on her blog Book Chat you will find not just reviews of books that she has read but posts on writing and blogging as well insights into her personal life. In this post Michelle reviews Say Never by Janis Thomas who is the author of two other critically-acclaimed humorous Women’s Fiction novels, Something New and Sweet Nothings.


Sometimes the last thing you want is the one thing you need…

Snarky radio personality Meg Monroe thinks she has the perfect life: no husband, no kids, and best of all, an Upper West side apartment three thousand miles from her family and her childhood demons. But when her brother calls to ask for Meg’s help with his three kids, she is forced to do the unimaginable: go home and step into the dreaded role of ‘parent.’

Read the rest of the blurb and Michelle’s review:


An interesting post by author M.C Tuggle on the subject of  Why kids can learn more from tales of fantasy than realism.  Perhaps that is why fairy stories are so popular with children even when very young, and books where animals speak and schoolboys fly. An interesting read.

Deena Weisberg is a senior fellow in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her specialty is “imaginative cognition,” which studies how imagination boosts one’s ability to learn. Her research demonstrates that children absorb new material taught in the context of a fanciful scenario better than they do when it’s presented in more realistic terms. In a recent edition of Aeon, she challenges herself with a question she’s grappled with before: Why do fantastical stories stimulate learning?
Read the rest of the article:

I hope you have enjoyed this small selection of posts that I have been lucky enough to read today.. and if you would like to feature then please leave the link to your most recent post in the comments section.


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  2. Dear Sally, I’m delighted to be in such great company here — and even more so that you enjoyed my mini post. Yes, each week, until I get caught up, I’ll be reposting the Thriving Thursday snips that Chris Graham hosts — but at the “Tree house” I only publish them monthly. I really appreciate the shout out here.
    Have a fabulous Friday. Mega hugs!

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