Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 28th January 2017 – Barking Mad, Furry Dudes, Writing conference, Writing flow and Beta Readers

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to today’s Blogger Daily.. from the various historical references to being a little crazy, Furry Dudes being interviewed, writing conferences, constructive distractions and Beta Readers.

Thomas the Rhymer

Paul Andruss has an eclectic blog where you will find Irish and Greek legends side by side with introductions to people in history you might think had a fleeting role but didn’t.. We are very PC these days and you are encouraged not to refer to those of us who appear a little ‘odd’ or ‘crazy’ in public.. One of the expressions that I grew up with.. was ‘Barking Mad’  and in this post, Paul explores the various expressions used to identify ‘crazy’

Are you Barking Mad?

Barking is an east London suburb about 9 miles from the city centre along the River Thames. It originated as an Anglo-Saxon village in Essex – the land of the East Saxons. As ‘C’ was pronounced ‘K’ in the German tongue the original name Berecingas (settlement in the birch trees) was corrupted to Barking.

The story goes in the Middle Ages St Mary’s Abbey in Barking ran a hospital for the care of the insane. And that gave rise to the English expression ‘Barking Mad’.

Read on:

P.S. I Forgive You by D.G. Kaye

D.G. Kaye turned the tables on her guest yesterday by interviewing her about her book Loving Lady Lazuli.. a terrific read and well worth heading over to check out.

Shehanne Moore has a very unique blog where she supports authors by interviewing them with assistance from some cute furry dudes….I am sure she won’t mind me using and example…


Here is a snippet from Shehanne’s interview with Debby Gies..

lovingladylazuli_byshehannemoore-133x200Today I’m excited to have friend and author Shehanne Moore here. Shehanne is a Scottish author who writes sizzling historical romance fiction books, no doubt her blog is tagged: Smexy Historical Fiction.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Shey’s blog, her humor is injected into every post and her blog is co-hosted by the ‘dudes’ as we all fondly call her ‘hamster buddies’ that love to comment and sometimes behave badly to Shey’s guests with their saucy remarks because of their jealousy of her writing and their own desire to become writers.

Read the terrific interview and find out more about Shehanne’s books.


Writing by its nature is something that is a solitary occupation. Distractions and a break in concentration can result a the flow being interrupted. However, as writers we need stimulation and support and one way to accomplish that is to get together with others to exchange ideas, receive constructive feedback and to motivate. Bridget Whelan has news of the return of a very popular writing conference this April.

Write by the Beach – an inspiring writing conference in Brighton April 2017
Bigger, better with TWO DAYS OF EXPERT WORKSHOPS plus a GUARANTEED ONE-TO-ONE with one of 15 brilliant agents and publishers, Write by the Beach is back.

Organised by the Beach Hut Writing Academy – in the gorgeous Angel House, right by Brighton beach – this conference gives you inspiration, ideas, publishing know-how and the chance to network with industry professionals. Oh, and delicious food! Whether you write novels, radio drama, short stories or TV scripts, there’s something for you.

Read more about the conference and the sessions and guest speakers available:

Jessica Norrie

Now time for Jessica Norrie’s popular weekly post.. as writers we find that there is an ebb and flow to our WIP.. This has to be fitted around our life commitments as well as those intrusions.. many times welcome.. from outside our four walls. However, Jessica found some very constructive by-roads to explore this week and she still managed to get a good word in or 1000 for her heroine.

Achievements and deletions

A spate of ideas had spated. A flow of words had flowed. I thought all that was needed was to continue at roughly the same rate and in a few weeks a final first draft of a second novel would spew out. But my heroine‘s been delayed again.

The reasons this week? One was a stand alone story for children that sprung unexpectedly from the novel a few months ago. A publisher showed a glimmer of interest, if I could adapt it to be suitable for a wider market. I spent time tinkering. My heroine didn’t mind, she’s a mother herself.

The local bookshop advertised for part time staff. Could be fun, could keep me off Facebook. I spent hours compiling a CV, before realising, though I sympathise with the difficulties of a tiny independent bookshop trying to stay afloat, the rate of pay and terms were so poor I would end up enemies with the owner. My heroine was drumming her heels. So in lieu of fresh ideas I made corrections to a previous section of the novel that I’d printed off.

Discover the other reasons for the ebb and flow


Have you considered asking for Beta Readers for your next book? Author Anna Dobritt gives you a comprehensive guide to what a beta reader will and will not do when asked to read your pre-published work.

Types of Beta Readers

A Beta Reader is someone who evaluates your story. Long answer; they give you feedback on your story. They are like beta testers for software, looking for bugs and problems. A good beta reader points out holes in your plot, point of view problems, and chronology problems. They point out confusing areas and let you know if you’re describing things too much.

Today I’m covering the different types of Beta Readers, so you can figure out what you need for your book.

Discover what a beta reader will be looking for in your book:

I hope you have found the posts I have selected to be useful and entertaining. Please don’t forget to leave the link to your latest post in the comments section.. The Blogger goes out each day which means that I have 30 slots to fill each week… what have you got to lose?  Thanks Sally


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  2. Well I must have been asleep at the switch when Shey’s interview came out. I missed your announcement too (and I try so hard to keep up ::sob::). All’s well that ends well – I finally saw it – THEN saw your ping in the comments. I somehow missed Adele’s too – am I losing my edge (or perhaps my mind)???

    Always a pleasure, Sally.
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