Why I am giving myself a Salary Increase! – And perhaps you should too!

I hope you will indulge this somewhat tongue in cheek look at the crazy world of writing… and have a little fun at the same time.


How many of you feel that you are perhaps a little under paid as an author and a blogger? 

That does not mean that you are under valued, which is not the same thing. I think most of us who are writers love the fact that people buy our books, read and review them and say great things about our posts when they see them.

But when was the last time that you felt that you were getting paid even the minimum wage for the hours that you put into writing, publishing, marketing your books or preparing your blog posts?

Not many of you I would imagine.

I often say that I am doing something I love, that working several hours a day writing either my books or my blog is a privilege of being retired and having more time.

Living the dream which is how people who are still working for a living tell me!

How lucky you are to be able to indulge yourself in your hobby and to dabble as an author!

Recently I reviewed some of my statistics here on the blog and I was delighted by the response from those who read the post. Many were amazed to discover that their own posts were being read in over 100 countries… that people from around the world valued their work.


Of course some bloggers do get some income from their blogs but it is quite rare. For most of us it is the individual reader’s feedback and response which is our reward.

Now a look at the books we write.

My next collection of stories is about to be published in E-version.. With the new VAT on Ebooks in the UK, and of course sales tax in other countries, that has bumped up the prices of ebooks somewhat. But what we as authors receive for the hours we spent writing, editing, formatting and marketing is actually very little.

Am I complaining?   No I am not.

I am doing something I love, and whilst I would be thrilled to make enough real cash to buy more than a pair of socks for my husband at Christmas; I am always delighted that the books I have written have sold and are enjoyed.. There is no doubt that I will continue to write and market them and learn how to do that better for as long as I am physically able.

I also know that real money does not buy you happiness or a great many other things in life.

money-cannot-buyBut what I am going to do is put a different value on my work.

We live in a virtual world and therefore I am giving myself a virtual salary.

Currently I am writing my books and short stories, my own posts on my blog, author and blog promotion posts and spending time marketing on social media for a minimum of 8 hours a day.  I think that I am quite entitled to charge £25 ($32) per hour for my efforts (the average hourly rate for good freelance writing) which means that I am earning £200 ($256) per day.

I have recently cut back my time online at the weekends to two hours a day which is £100 for the two days. But I am using that time to complete a number of writing projects so I can add another £200 to that.

This gives me a weekly total of £1300 or £65,000 ($82,000) per year.

Now that feels better.

You might think that sounds crazy!

But we live in a virtual world so much of the time, is there anything wrong with earning a virtual salary?

I know I cannot spend it on real items, but if I add in the previous three years of blogging I have now got £250,000 in the virtual bank.

And whilst I wait for the real world to catch up with my virtual world… I like the feeling that my efforts towards that goal is being rewarded in a measurable way.

So why not try this yourself.. whilst you are working to sell more books and earn more money from your writing.. still give yourself a minimum of £25 ($32) an hour as an appreciation of all the hard work you are putting into your job.. as a writer.

I think that you will be surprised at how much work you are actually doing to create that virtual worth and hopefully in the future real hard cash.

That is why I am giving myself a pay rise this week.. I have not had one for over three years and I deserve it.. I am now going to be earning £30 per hour which will put £81,000 ($102,000) into the bank.

Am I worth more… of course.. we all are… However, although this is a virtual salary it is a dog eat dog world in freelance work and we must be realistic!!!!!

Not long until I am a millionaire.. just keep writing….and then you are all invited onto my virtual yacht…….

yachtWhilst it is good to know that I am getting paid what I am actually worth… the other good news is that the tax man is not going to get his hands on it!

With that in mind.. I should really get a plug in for my next release coming in February.


78 thoughts on “Why I am giving myself a Salary Increase! – And perhaps you should too!

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  2. Great article. I just received my tax form here in the US. Looking at what I really made was first very, very disappointing. But then I converted it into books. Based on what I charge on Amazon, and the royalty rates, I have 85 books out there on the market. Not a huge number, but that is hopefully 85 books being read by people that like what I do.

    Just another way to look at it. Makes me feel rich!


  3. Wonderful post, Sally. It would have to be a huge pay raise for me since my writing income doesn’t cover the outflow (yet! I am ever hopeful.). I derive my value (self-worth) from the support and encouragement of other bloggers who read my poor contributions and from the people who buy my books when I find them!

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  4. Love this post, Sally. You hit the nail on the head when you say we are underpaid. But we do have our rewards each time someone buys our books, or reviews them with lovely comments. That makes it all worthwhile to me. It’s like receiving a Christmas present each time I see a review. Reviews lift my spirits and encourage me to keep doing what I love to do. It is nice to know someone out there is reading and appreciating our work.

    Love your book cover! Can’t wait to read it!! Best wishes, my dear friend! ❤️ xx

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  5. Wow, you’ve certainly hit on a great subject here, Sally. Whilst I enjoy writing so much and it gives me lots of enjoyment, reading your post has made it even better (and I didn’t think that was possible).
    And, congratulations on the upcoming book. I’d love for it to be featured in my book of the month feature. Shall I send something over to you?

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  7. Yes, perhaps the time will come when everything will be virtual… I keep hoping I’ll get a job that will pay me for watching movies and theatre plays and reading books (I’ll do the writing and exercising for free, that’s how generous I am). Let me know when you come by on the yacht and I’ll visit 🙂

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