Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 2nd February 2017 – Three Things, Crystals, Oscar and Audio books

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

It was Chinese New Year on Saturday and Teagan Geneviene celebrated in style with one of her Three Things Serial posts.. A look at monkeying around in 2016 and now crowing in 2017.. She has also set a bit of a challenge which I am sure you wordsmiths will be more than up for.


My post for the calendar New Year was about “animalizing” your writing (that post is here). As most of you know, the Chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 animal signs. Each year is represented by an animal. So I thought it would be fun to mention the Chinese New Year as a follow-on for my Is Your Writing Beastly? post.

If 2016 monkeyed around with your life, remember what mischievous animal embodied that year. However, it is advised that we embrace opportunities and navigate challenges in 2017. That doesn’t sound like much of a reprieve to me. Already I’m navigating way too many challenges… Okay — I will try to be positive.

Read Teagan’s challenge example and more about the Fire Rooster:


When I was growing up I collected exotic stones from everywhere we lived abroad and at home. When had been married for two years, we moved to Southport and in the highstreet was a natural stone jewellery shop.. For successive Christmas’s and birthdays David would buy we rings, earrings and necklaces with matching stones.. I still have them all.. love jade, rose quartz and turquoise..Samantha Murdoch has a wonderful blog about the crystal family and its healing powers and is the go to person for information.

Smoky Quartz is a personal favourite of mine, in my crystal family. It has a very suave feeling about it, protective and smooth but without being smarmy… think Pierce Brosnan playing Bond…

As a crystal, Smoky Quartz can help lift depression and restore emotional calm, at the same time relieving fear but bolstering your confidence inn your own abilities to cope with different situations. Smoky Quartz is wonderful to help with relieving stress too.

Read more and see the beautiful photos of Samantha’s sister cats:

51r76tnj5ol-_uy250_It is throwback Thursday and therefore quite appropriate to share a post by David Prosser that he shared again this week.. Oscar, David’s alarm cat gets into a sticky situation that leaves him clomping around the wood floors. A delightful tale.. or should that be tail..

The Longlegs had gone out and the smell was tormenting me. A lovely rich heady smell that tickles the nostrils and makes you want to eat it and here I was stuck inside with no clearways open and unable to get at it. I know I’ve smelt it before but I can’t remember where. I suppose I shall have to be patient.

Enjoy the rest of the post and the photographs:

Cathy Ryan

Time for a review and this time from Cathy Ryan on her site.. Between the Lines Book Blog. This is an audio book of the YA/Teen adventure Scar Island by Dan Gemeinhart .. narrated by McCleod Andrews.


When twelve year old Jonathan Grisby arrives at Slabhenge, hungry, cold and tormented, he faces at least ten weeks in the forbidding and Dickensian-like reform school. Run by The Admiral and his staff, who take pleasure from making life as difficult and uncomfortable as possible for the unfortunates who have been sent there. Slabhenge has had several incarnations, including a facility for the mentally ill, but to the boys it seems more like a prison with it’s many corridors, staircases and stone-walled, dank rooms.

Read the rest of the book description and review:


And on the subject of reviews for audio books here is a great resource for you if you enjoy the following authors. Philip P. Dick, Matthew Harffy, Terry Pratchett, H.P Lovecraft and Frank Herbert.. Bestselling historical fiction author Steven A. McKay reviews the books he has listened to in January.. All available on Audible.. My husband only buys audio books and finds that they enable him to work through his TBR much faster as he works on the house and jungle as well as on longer drives.


I enjoyed this but, let’s be honest – only the first book in this series is truly a classic. Herbert’s writing style is good and the narration is absolutely fantastic but the story here is only good rather than great. Paul Atreides is still here and so are many of the other characters we bonded with in Dune, but this is a shorter book.
Still highly recommended, but maybe only worth 4 stars rather than the 5 Dune deserved.

Read Steven’s reviews:

I am going to be converting some of my books to audio in 2017 and will see how that progresses.. I am lucky enough to have done quite a bit of narration over the years so will be using my own studio and editing set up.. but there are some very good audio services available and Olga Nunez Miret has converted some of her books through Audible..

Well that is that for today.. I hope you have found something of interest today..Please pass it on.. thanks Sally.


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