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new-on-the-shelves-updateWelcome to the start of this week’s book promotions and also to a new author on the shelves. Today’s featured author is Carole McDonnell a novelist, a writer of fiction, devotionals, poetry, reviews, and essays. We will take a look at two of her books but I do recommend that you check her other books and writings out via Amazon and her website.

51q6zxxpzul-_uy250_About  Wind Follower

Light-skinned newcomers are changing the Land of the Three Tribes. Dark-skinned Satha and her husband Loic are torn asunder. With the Creator’s aid there is hope they will be reunited and find their mutual destiny, even if it means losing the love and respect of their families, clans, and tribes.

Two of the excellent reviews for Wind Follower.

The story tells of the love two characters who are quite different from one another By Debra A McCall on February 25, 2015

Wind Follower is a romantic fantasy set in a world rich with the myths and history of colonial Africa. Three clans interact and vie for supremacy while facing incursions from invaders outside their traditional lifestyle. Carole brings out how modern religion migrated throughout colonial countries finding points of similarity in the traditional beliefs of the people and using that to form a strong bond.

The story tells of the love two characters who are quite different from one another,differences in age, culture and economic status are very real and touching and has such a spell binding emotional impact on the reader. Loic falls madly in love with Satha at first sight because of her compassion for others and he is smitten and demands to marry her. Satha has a hard time in believing that someone of his stature would even consider her hand in marriage, let alone the fact that they come from different clans. Their lovemaking is sensual and binding, and draws you right in to “feel” the passion that exudes from them. Despite their differences, both are joined by their belief in the Wind God and the blessings he provides.

As the grow closer to each other, terrible circumstances tear them apart. The tragedy happens when a trusted friend betrays Satha and the family sends them down different roads- with Loic seeking revenge. As events unravel, ancient spirits who have been usurped by demons challenges Satha and Loic’s faith in the Wind God. The speculative part of the story unrolls at the end. Both characters suffer great loss and tragedy and only at the end are they able to recognize each other as the other half of their own strength. Their love is one combined.

Carole McDonnell’s poetic writing, strong characterization, and the mysterious world she created in this book will keep the reader wanting more and more.

Wind Follower  By Green Fire on January 2, 2016

This was the first book I’d read by Carole McDonnell. I loved the cover of the book and admittedly that’s what drew me to the book. However, the cover is only one aspect of wonderful detail and it get more beautiful as you pore through the pages. I was particularly drawn the rich detail of the book. The tribal nature of the narrative as a uniqueness to the book. It’s as if you’re sitting at the feet of the queen and king of the tribe as they relate their story.

More than once I forgot I was reading. I could feel the emotions of the characters so well. Loic was rash, Satha stoic and it makes for a wonderful contrast. The interpretation of the story is left up for grabs but I chose to see it as a parallel of our world and that the gospel was taken to another world so that all could come under the knowledge. Loic and Satha went through so much.

The ending does leave something to be desired but even the ending makes sense. It’s because rarely is life a fairy tale and even with individual happiness and success, the overall picture can be bleak. But then, the story for -us and for the people in the book – is not over yet.

Read all the reviews and buy The Wind Follower:

A look at Carole McDonnell’s latest book – The Charcoal Bride.


The Charcoal Bride is the first of a trilogy of short novels called The Hanrisor Chronicles. The trilogy chronicles the rise to power of Hanrisor’s King Skall and the family curse –called “The Hanrisor Legacy–that troubled him and his descendants.

An early review for the Charcoal Bride

I read this in one night. The charcoal Bride is a moral lesson wrapped in a beautiful, captivating, mind blowing, powerful and entertaining story. The wisdom of Prince Torrent had me reflecting on scriptures of the bible and there were other moments in this story that made me think of how people allow sin to take root in their heart. Carole Mcdonnell has proven you can deliver a Christian message without a book being overtly Christian.

Buy The Charcoal Bride:

Also by Carole McDonnell

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Read the reviews and buy the books:


About Carole McDonnell

I am a novelist, a writer of fiction, devotionals, poetry, reviews, and essays and my works have appeared in many publishing venues, in print and online. I live in New York with my husband, two sons, cat Freddie and my dog, Hemotep.

I’ve written for as long as I can remember. My Jamaican family was always telling stories and mother had memorized the opening chapters from several books, such as Ivanhoe, A Tale of Two Cities, etc. I was especially good at adapting. Somehow I felt the stories I had inherited from the European tradition (stuff we learned in school or watched on TV) always needed to be tweaked to include (subtly) matters that were important to a little Jamaican girl growing up in a Jewish-neighborhood in Brooklyn. I remember the day I decided I was a writer. It was the day a classmate grasped a poem I had written from my desk and brought it to the teacher who proclaimed the poem “great.” I was hooked.

I studied Literature in college, not creative writing. Because I wanted to write great literature that would be ageless. I still hope my stories will be timeless. My reviews appear in print and at various online sites. My first novel, Wind Follower was published by Juno Books in September 2007. I write in the following genres: African-American fiction, African-American Christian Fiction, Christian Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Black fiction, African American science fiction, Women’s Poetry, African-American poetry, Black poetry, Steampunk, steamfunk, afrofuturism,

Connect to Carole


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  2. My first experience of Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. thank you for introducing me to yet another interesting and new (to me) author. I love reading – and I love especially reading and learning about other cultures, times, traditions and countries when they come wrapped in stories 🙂

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    • Thank you. I wanted to write a book that posits the question: “What would a tribal culture do when faced with a culture that brings them the true religion but that also destroys their culture?” It’s primarily a romance and I made up a language so it’s fun for folks who love epic romance and tribal issues, although I’ve heard a few folks say the language of these culture can be hard to get into. It has one sex scene that some people don’t like but on the whole, most Christians like it. Thanks so much for responding. -C

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