Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 6th February 2017 – Welsh chapels, Interviews, Celebrating books and Angry Bird.

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to the first Blogger Daily of the week and I have selected some of the posts that I read over the weekend. I have had the pleasure of being interviewed twice in the last couple of days so have shared a link to the first interview with the ever warm and generous host Tina Frisco.. the other tomorrow.

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Cathy Ryan shares photographs that she took when visiting Anglesey which is a fabulous place to base yourself for touring North Wales.. Lots of lovey B&B’s and victorian hotels. Head over and enjoy this very small church that is exposed to the elements.

Cathy RyanBuilt in the 12th century, the church originally perched on the end of a peninsular between two bays. Over the years the sea slowly eroded the peninsular turning it into the tiny island it is today. The church eventually fell into disrepair and became a ruin until it was restored around the mid 1900s. The elements are again causing damage to the building and another appeal has been launched to repair the building. However, the church is still in use and is popular as a wedding venue.

See the photographs:

Vampyrie: Origin of the VampireI was delighted to have been interviewed by the lovely Tina Frisco on Saturday and if you missed the post perhaps you might enjoy a quick extract and then head over and the rest.. You never know what you might find out about me!

What inspires you most in life?  You made me think quite a bit about this, Tina.

I am not really motivated by money as long as the bills are paid and there is some left over to buy books, movies, the odd trip out for a meal; oh, and a little retail therapy from time to time.

I think what inspires me most are the people around me who smile at my writing or are moved by it. The feedback I receive online and in person motivates me to do more and to do it better.

Read the entire interview:

Jessica Norrie

Last Friday Jessica Norrie posted an very interesting article that identified some surprising facts about our reading habits and those in other countries. Take a look at these three questions and then head over to Jessica’s post for the answers.. I think you will be surprised!

Northern Lights – Here’s a very short book quiz

  1. In which country is 10% of the population a published author?
  2. In which country did 4 million adults not read a single book for enjoyment in 2013?
  3. And in which of the two above did more than half the country’s population read at least eight books a year, with the most popular Christmas present a book?

And to give you a clue.. the answer is  Jolabokaflod – a wonderful annual event that we should all adopt.. now I have you guessing!

Read the surprising answers:

readersfavgalacovercopy2Whilst we are on the subject of reading and books.. here is another great concept. Cathy Murphy of the Untamed Doodler blog is the author and illustrator of The Adventures of the Lovable Lobo available from Amazon:

February is the Month to Celebrate International Book Giving Day and Newly Released Picture Books Full of Heart

Give a BOOK on Valentine’s Day to celebrate INTERNATIONAL BOOK GIVING DAY, an initiative that aims to get books into the hands of as many children as possible.

Check out how you can get involved in this year’s event:

Discover some wonderful children’s books by other authors:


And finally .. a touch of anger.. well not really.. Charles Yallowitz posts on the challengers of portraying anger in your characters. Do you make them ‘toys out of the pram’ tantrums or ‘calm, deadly and calculated’.  He raises some interesting points and I am sure that he would love your feedback.

I like writing angry characters.  Something about having a hero unleash their rage makes me put a lot more into a scene.  Yeah, I’m probably angry a lot myself, which is why I connect to this emotion more than others.  Then again, a lot can happen when somebody loses their temper.  They can make a mistake or defeat an obstacle.  Anger isn’t always a bad thing as long as you use it correctly.  I mean, it isn’t too far off from stubborn defiance and determination.

An angry hero isn’t very unusual because this tends to be the mode that most anti-heroes fall into.  Hulk, Punisher, Wolverine, Guy Gardner, Red (above), and so many others take their strength from losing their cool.  

Read the rest of the informative and useful article:

I hope you have enjoyed today’s selection of blogs I have read over the last couple of days and PLEASE help me out and put the link to your latest post in the comments so that I can share… thanks Sally


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