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Delighted to feature Don Massenzio today with his books and in particular the fifth book in the Frank Rozzani Detective series; released just before Christmas 2016. If the number of excellent reviews for book one and the rest of the series are an indication, Frank Immersed is likely to be just as popular. This book was written in collaboration with  Kent Arceneaux

51jyfophdxl-_uy250_About Frank Immersed: A Frank Rozzani Detective Novel (Frank Rozzani Detective Novels Book 5)

Frank and Jonesy are back. This time the case will require all of their talents. Young female passengers are disappearing from luxury cruise ships. After young twin daughters disappear during a family cruise, Frank and Jonesy must go undercover to find out what’s happening.The stakes are high and the odds are against them. Will this case prove to be more than they can handle? Luckily, the twins’ father, Jim Mason, has special training and associates from his past that will be called upon as the search for the girls escalates.

Follow Frank and Jonesy on this ocean-going adventure as they search for the twins and dredge up powerful bad guys from one of their past cases in this latest adventure, Frank Immersed.

One of the top reviews for the book.

Well researched, good character display and great suspense…! By pwrbrkr38 on January 9, 2017

This was one of the first fiction books I’ve read in quite awhile. I was immediately captured by the in-depth character formation. The authors do a great job at personalizing each character and spending just enough time on the back story, depth, and substance of each character. In my opinion, this is where many writers have either too much characterization which is cumbersome to read, or they don’t spend enough time on a character and you never really feel empathetic or understand a point of view. This book does a great job of this. In addition, this book tackles come interesting issues regarding the sex trade, the cruise industry, the military, and law enforcement.

I was particularly impressed with the writers knowledge of the inner workings of the cruise line industry. My brother has worked in the cruise industry for years and many of the descriptions in the book regarding staffing, the logistics of the boats themselves, and how passengers and other matters are handled, were spot on. As a lawyer I appreciated the authors interpretation of law enforcement matters and how certain situations were handled by “Frank” and his associates.

In closing, this book was well researched, intertwined a great storyline amongst a good cast of characters, and did so in a succinct manner that made this reader very happy. I hope you have the same experience.

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A selection of books by Don Massenzio

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One of the reviews from a fan of the Frank Rozzani series.

Great story line! on April 30, 2016

This series just keeps getting better and better. Frank and Jonesy think they have a case that is pretty clear cut. But all of us know it may not be what it seems. Characters and dialogue flow well. Very good storyline with suspence that makes it hard to put down. I’ve read every book from this series and this is the best to me. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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About Don Massenzio

Don Massenzio was born in Syracuse, New York, to first generation Italian American parents. He is an avid reader. Some of his favorite authors include Harlan Coben, David Morrell, Stephen King, and Hugh Howey. His favorite book of all time is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Don began writing as a way to combat the long hours of travel and numerous hotel stays that are part of the ‘glamorous’ world of corporate travel. He uses writing as a therapeutic outlet.

He recently took the jump to sharing his work with others. His first published long work was the novel, Frankly Speaking. The first in what has become a series of books focused on the character, Frank Rozzani, a Florida private detective. The series is a throwback to the days of pulp detective novels with a tip of the hat to Jim Rockford from 70’s television and The Rockford Files.

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55 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Frank Immersed: A Frank Rozzani Detective Novel (Frank Rozzani Detective Novels Book 5) by Don Massenzio

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  2. I have Frankly Speaking in my Kindle TBR folder, and can’t wait to have a moment to read it. Honestly, the clever titles alone would draw me to these books, even without the stellar reviews. I’m pretty sure I’ll be working my way through the set, assuming I ever finish up these last edits, etc, on my latest book, and have time to read again. (I’m determined to do so!) Good luck with this latest one, Don!

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  4. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t fully read this post. I wouldn’t normally comment in that case but wanted to know if this was a standalone or not. I see that it’s book 5 in the series but are there any spoilers in this post for the first four books? And can you read them separately? It looks intriguing! Congrats!

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