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Today we welcome Jena C. Henry to the bookstore with her witty and very instructive series on the lovely Charli.. who is finding retirement not quite as she had imagined.  Beginning with the first book in the series. The Golden Age of Charli – RSVP.

41zdy7g5rpl-_uy250_About the book

Charlotte McAntic spent her thirties, forties, and even fifties in peace and harmony aligning her marriage, mortgage, careers, and children.

As she stumbles into a new phase of life—also known as the Golden Years—Charli cannot help but wonder where the gold and her husband, Pud, are hiding.

Pud is happily cruising down the retirement path that, for him, leads straight to the golf course. While Charli spends her days at home cleaning out closets and the basement, she yearns to gaze deeply into Pud’s blue eyes and remember all the reasons why she fell in love with him thirty years ago. Unfortunately, the only thing Pud is eying is the next fairway.

Knowing there is more to savor in retirement than silver-hair shampoos, senior discounts, and hernia surgery, Charli embarks on a quest to do whatever it takes to spend retirement in the embrace of the man she loves. But is it too late for happily ever after?

In this humorous novel, a high-energy wife and her solid guy must learn to adjust to a new chapter in their lives and find their way back into each other’s hearts after their retirement begins with a jolt.

Just two of the many great reviews for the book.

Pure Gold By Carol Marrs Phipps on July 6, 2016

The Golden Age of Charli RSVP by Jena C. Henry is an enchanting, feel-good story. Chock full of savvy humor, this book is pure enjoyment.

The protagonists, Charlotte McAntic, aka Charli, and her golf-addict husband, Pud, take on retirement, and the tale that ensues is pure gold. Reading this book was like watching a reality show as the author leads us into the McAntic’s household and introduces us to every aspect of this newly retired couple’s life.Charli tackles every situation with determination and a high dose of optimism, whether it is as simple as what to plan for dinner, or as complex as how to get her golf-crazed husband to spend more time with her and less time on the golf course.

I won’t spoil the story for you and tell you if she succeeds or not.

Current retirees may just get a few new ideas from this book, those about to retire will get some experienced insights, and young people will learn that growing older is definitely not the end, but rather, the beginning of a new adventure with new challenges aplenty. Therefore, I highly recommend The Golden Age of Charli RSVP to people of all ages. I look forward to reading more about Charli as her adventures in retirement continue.

Golden By Reading lady on July 13, 2016

Retirees will especially love this book!The main character, Charli, has to redefine her day-to-day life, now that she and her husband, Pud, are retired. She likes to read and organize. He likes to play golf – They share a love of fine dining and a loving, generous spirit, especially toward their family. Can they find common ground and rekindle their romance?

The author’s style reminded me of a memoir. I suspect she drew on her own experience for many of the details, making it all very believable. There are numerous gems of wisdom and advice woven seamlessly into the text. I had to stop reading and copy some of them.An upbeat look at the “golden years” and why we should cherish every stage of life.

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Book Two in the The Golden Age of Charlie series BMI

The Golden Age of Charli continues the delightful tale of the energetic, friendly, and positive McAntics as they cruise through their retirement years and discover the consequences of too much of a good thing.

One of the reviews for the book

A Fun Look at Life By Pianananna on June 21, 2016

This is the second book in The Golden Age of Charli series, and even though I had not read the first, it did not matter. I was easily able to step right into the life of Charli and her husband Pud as they navigate their days around retirement. Since I am of this same age, I related to everything they were going through, from their dieting trials and failures, which made me laugh out loud, to Charli’s grocery store expeditions looking for healthy foods (I really related to this), to their attempts to find family time with their sons.

If you are of the same age as Charli, you’ll wonder if you are reading about yourself. If you are quite a bit younger, you’ll have a humorous insight as to what life is like as a golden age couple, who handles their ups and downs with charm and grace.

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Book Three in the series recently published on January 11th 2017 – The Golden Age of Charli -GPS

In the third book of this delightful series, an empty nester is left to recalculate her path to happiness after she and her husband both discover that their golden years are full of more surprises.

A review for the new book

This is the long awaited third book in the Golden Age of Chali series. As I was reading it, I felt like I was catching up with an “old” friend. Charli’s style and approach to life is positive and entertaining. The story line flows like a lively stream with a few surprises around the corners. Author Jena C. Henry gives just enough details and insight into her characters to make the book engaging and enjoyable.

Her characters and scenarios are realistic, complete with the humor (and frustrations) of life. I hope she continues to share her lively heroine’s escapades and musings.

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About Jena

Jena C. Henry is an active, high energy gal who is a wife, mother, non-profit volunteer and bon vivant. She created the book series, The Golden Age of Charli, to encourage, entertain and share her joy of living and laughing. Jena C. Henry holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron School of Law. Now retired, she and her husband, Alan, live in tropical Ohio where they enjoy their two adult children and extended family, friends and darling dog.

Jena presents writing workshops to help creatives achieve their dreams of writing a book and publishing it.When she is finished tidying her house, Jena likes to relax on her front porch and read and write. She enjoys fine dining, traveling to visit family, and lounging by lovely bodies…of water.

Connect to Jena.

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