Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 16th February 2017 – Valiant Blogger, Angel’s Wings, Runners Stretches, the Classics and Columbian Roses

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyDolly of Kool Kosher Kitchen was nominated for a Valiant Blogger Award by Daily Warrior Liz C who created the award. A nominator only chooses one nominee and here is an extract from Dolly’s response to her award.  Dolly shares not only her admiration for her chosen nominee but also part of her own story which is very compelling.

If anyone deserves this award, it’s Frida Kahlo, a great Mexican artist famous for her self-portraits and paintings of flowers. She is the one from whose life I’ve drawn inspiration and strength throughout the years. At the age of six, as a result of polio, Frida ended up with one leg shorter and thinner than the other. Bullied by kids, she developed special closeness with her father, himself a victim of epilepsy, who gently pushed her towards sports and physical exercise.

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Children’s author Bette Stephens is interviewing Stephanie A. Collins about her book With Angel’s Wings.


Happy Love Month! I can’t think of a better way of spreading love than by sharing my love of reading and writing with you. So, today, I am sharing with you a fellow author, hard-working mother of four, loving wife, and the unsuspecting author of a true medical drama/unconventional love story called With Angel’s Wings. Stephanie is a member of Rave Writers – International Society of Authors (RWISA). Join me in welcoming award-winning author Stephanie Collins and learn more about this amazing gal in our interview.

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Let me state right out of the gate that I will not be doing any running.. I walk fine and my knee just about tolerates that, but my days of heading out for a five mile run are behind me. However, if you are a runner you do need to be diligent about preparation, and that includes stretching beforehand.  I have also find that before a long brisk walk that is a very good idea.

Carissa Rea of The Urban Mile talks you through some stretches that we can all be doing to stay supple and ready for exercising.

Aside from eating healthy, resting and sleeping stretching is another crucial factor playing an important role in your overall running performance. Stretching helps prevent injury and prepares your muscles for high impact performance. Aside from helping during a workout, regular stretching helps improve blood circulation through the body which increases your energy levels and sharpens your concentration. Below, I put together some of my favorite stretches before a long distance run: 

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Irish author David Jordan on the subject of reading the Classics Ancient and more Modern.. I remember having a fascination with Leo Tolstoy as a teenager and when laid up for three weeks at age 11 with a bad case of Chicken Pox.. I worked my way through War & Peace.. followed by Anna Karenina. I understand where David is coming from.. For months afterwards every book that I picked up to read by a modern author (in the 1960s) seemed to be filled with trivia and a quick read.  I am out of practice and must go back and read again especially as some are in E-versions (the print in the originals are way to small for me to read now) Very interesting post.. recommend.

How to Approach the classics.

Many people have trouble reading the Classics, both ancient and modern. This is because we live in a culture of instant gratification. We are used to reading passively. The key to understanding literature prior to the age of instant gratification is ‘active’ reading. People must change the way they approach these works. They need to change their mindsets. They need to read actively.

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Mention the country Columbia and many of us might just think about drugs and cartels.. But you could not be more wrong as one of major exports from Columbia from late January onwards is 150 metric tons of flowers.. red roses in time for Valentine’s Day.. Well you might be a little bit right….. as you will see  when you read this post by Leafy Pine Flowers.

How Columbia stopped Cocaine from spoiling Valentine’s Day

Cocaine is probably the last thing most people think about when buying roses.

But every year, police and growers in Colombia must work around the clock to make sure that the romance of Valentine’s Day isn’t spoiled by the drug, the nation’s other major export along with flowers.

As much as 330,000 pounds (150 metric tons) of flowers leave Colombia on 30-plus jumbo cargo planes daily starting in late January, presenting an opportunity for the country’s ingenious drug cartels to penetrate the frenzied, overworked chain of suppliers and stash drugs amid the roses.

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