Another fascinating episode in the life and times of Andrew Joyce.. It is a read that requires a little time and some walking in another man’s shoes for a while.. being 18 riding the rails in the 1960s learning about life and how to survive the hard way. A tough transition from boyhood to manhood.. #recommended

Andrew Joyce

Time for another one of my hitching adventures. This one is different. Someone I met along the way planted a seed, but it took twenty years to sprout. When it did, it sent me on a quest to discover the meaning of life. It took me another twenty-two years of visiting libraries, of perusing the shelves of bookstores. Twenty-two years of searching out, and finding, obscure books and writings from centuries past. Although a few pieces of the puzzle still elude me, I am content with the knowledge I have gained. I owe it all to a man by the name of Oracle.


“There is a chink, a nigger, and a cracker in that car; git ‘em out. Oh yeah, there’s also a kid in there.”

I was that kid. With those few words, one of the strangest and most profound adventures of my young life was about to take…

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5 thoughts on “Boxcars

  1. Sally, I read this yesterday and have to say it was one of the best stories I have read. I’m still ‘there’. I could climb into every character’s shoes, knowing and understanding as if I had been that person myself. I learned more about boxcars and hobos- a fascinating setting for this magnificent story. Thank you.

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