Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 20th February 2017 – Elderly Care, Magazine Submissions, The Depression, John Cannon and Curry

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to the last Blogger Daily until my return on March 1st.  I have a great selection of blogs from over the weekend to share with you.. not as many as I would like but only room for five bloggers..


First is a post from Mary Smith who writes about her experiences in caring for her father who suffered with dementia in the last years of his life. Poignant but also with humour, Mary shares some of the toughest challenges that we face as our parents age.

I enjoy a good drama series (as long as it isn’t too gory as I’m a bit of a wuss in the gore department) and I’m hooked on Holby City but other than that and the news I don’t bother much with television. When I was caring for the Goldfish, though, I watched an awful lot of television.

The Goldfish was a keen golfer before a combination of dementia and decreasing mobility made him stop – though he never admitted he didn’t play any longer. It was just that the weather was too cold, or too wet or some other contrived excuse for not being on the golf course. However, he enjoyed watching it on television. I’m not a golfer. The DH plays golf – a lot – and he and the Goldfish played together occasionally and then had a post mortem of the entire 18 holes when they came home. Yawn!

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Colleen Chesebro is a wonderful resource for both competitions and also submissions to magazines and websites.. this week she shares a link for a magazine looking for articles.

Writers: Check this magazine out and what types of manuscripts they are looking for! WOW! I love it! ❤ A rare find.

Grey Borders Magazine publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and artwork that challenges social norms. Founded in 2002, this Canadian magazine has been published in print and online for over a decade. They seek work that invites discussion about untold stories, stories about mental illness, race, sexuality, radicalism, and social justice.

Head over and check out Colleen’s archives and follow the link she provides to this particular magazine:


Another wonderful story from Linda Bethea about the devastating poverty and daily challenges facing mothers during the depression who are trying to feed their children. Today a young mother faces loss, being separated from her husband and back breaking work.

“Now that’s some purty crochet. You’re getting real smooth with them stitches. Does it feel like your hands is gittin’ the idea?” Lucille and Jenny were at the kitchen table with Lucy resting in a basket at their feet. “Just look how sweet she looks with this pink.” Lucille held a skein of pink baby yarn next to her little granddaughter’s face. “Don’t tell Shirley, but I was always hopin’ for a girl ever’ time she got that away. I wonder if it was because I just never got enough of you when I had to put you in the Hope Home. The thing was, I never even cried. I just had to toughen up to get by. I was afraid if I started, I’d fall apart. I had to work and get the three dollars a week to the home or I might lose you. That’s all I kept thinkin’ when the work got hard and the hours got long.”

Read the rest of the story:


Rebecca Howie interviews one of our community favourites author John W. Howell about his three books about the intrepid John Cannon.


Q: Had you always planned on becoming a published author?

A: Since I was in High School I wanted to write. I tried many outlets. I was on the school paper and yearbook staff. Nothing ever came of my desire until I decided to write a book. I started it in 1993 and finished it in 2003. I was working at the time so had to write on weekends and late nights. I printed the book off to take on a trip so I could edit. After fifty pages,

Read the rest of the interview:


Chicken Tikka is a very popular dish of India. It is an easy and simple dish to cook. It is simply delicious. It can be used to make various other dished.

It can be added to a salad or and make a chicken tikka salad, chop it up and can put in a sandwich…

The chicken chucks are marinated in a special chicken masala or spices and then grilled on a tava/grill or tandoor until turn golden brown.

Read the rest of the recipe:

Thanks for dropping in and I am sure that you will enjoy adding these bloggers to your contact list.

Just a reminder that there will be no Daily Blogger until I return on March 1st but still put your link to your most recent post in the comment section as I plan to do a couple of extra catch up posts when I get back.  Thanks Sally

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