Smorgasbord Round up – The Amazing Blog Sitters – A huge thank you.


I am sure that many of you reading this will have already enjoyed the wonderful blog posts by the following talented writers and supportive friends.

When I first invited bloggers to post on the blog in my absence it was to take advantage of the blank pages for a little book and blog promotion. I was delighted by the response and as you can see there have been some interesting, mysterious, entertaining and poignant contributions.

A huge thank you to all those who contributed and to those who have dropped by and participated by liking, commenting and sharing. You are all brilliant.

More about the events of my week offline on Thursday.

Here are the Blog Sitters and the posts you might have missed.

Finn Mac Cool

Paul Andruss with Blog Sitting at Midnight.

Each night Paul has captured and challenged our imaginations with posts about the people and events in our history.. some are legends, some are ordinary people who get caught up in a mystery and others might have seen the Devil….

The conquerors who have shaped history across the centuries by forcing their will on our cultures.

A French ship is wrecked and men are faced with making inhuman efforts to stay alive.

A blast from the past..Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side and  the legendary Andy Warhol and those that were drawn to his unique style and view on life.

The British royal family has a complex past that makes for fascinating reading. Tsars and Princesses, denial and mystery.

The Cottingley Fairies captured the attention of the British Public in 1917 and still devides those who believe or do not believe in the existence of these magical little creatures. Which side are you on?

Houdini was desperate to reach to the other side to speak to his mother but was appalled at the fraudulent practices of mediums and spiritualists.. He attempted to set up a method of communicating with his wife in the event of his death.. read on to find out how!.

In 1855 footprints in the snow in Devon were regarded as ominous by the local villagers. Cloven hooves.. but only two and in single file…. a similar event was recorded in 2009. So who could have made those prints across 154 years?

Tina Frisco explores our perception of time.


The wonderful Tina Frisco contributed a post that explores our perception of time. As a child I remember thinking that the weekends took forever to come around… now they seem to arrive in a blink of an eye..

Tina also provided some terrific laffs later in the week.

Colin Chappell gets the humour started for the week


William Price King provided the musical entertainment for the week with the last part in the Leontyne Price series. A wonderful talent and person.

William and his music

D.G. Kaye – Debby Gies intrigued and sparked off debate about the number of ways that we are tracked online… frightening stuff.

P.S. I Forgive You by D.G. Kaye

Geoff Le Pard shares his parent’s love story that began during World War II – a wonderfully poignant and romantic post.


N.A. Granger – Noelle shares photographs and descriptions of favourite places in Maine, where her books are set.


Susan M. Toy with a lovely tribute to sisterhood and home-baked oatmeal cookies


Mary Smith now lives in Scotland but she spent many years in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this post she shares an  event far from the Highlands but just as community spirited.


Children’s author and fabulous baker Robbie Cheadle shares seven tantalising ice-cream fairies who are stars in their own fantasty stories.


John Howell with his favourite photograph of his sister on one of her visits to his home on the Texas coast.. a wonderful story of family and an exceptional woman.

Our Justice

To round off this week of blog sitting, Linda Bethea writes of the subject of double standards when it comes to suitcases and cows…very entertaining.


Again I cannot express my thanks to everyone for holding down the fort and I hope that those that you do not already follow, will be in your reader tomorrow. Thanks Sally


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31 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Round up – The Amazing Blog Sitters – A huge thank you.

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  2. Thank you, Sally, for the opportunity to blog sit for you. I am glad I was able to contribute. For some reason I could not comment on your post about your Father-in-law yesterday – WP said the page wasn’t available – but it was a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing it.

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  3. Although we all missed you Sal. We all had a great time mingling with your readers and all our friends, A great time was had by all. A wonderful idea, ‘blogsittin’. 🙂 I was thrilled to be part of it. ❤ xo

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