Time for some Laffs – Getting older has its moments.


My thanks to Mrs T.  the stage name of author Tina Frisco who feeds me funnies from time to time to share on the blog. Details of how you can buy her latest book at the end of the entertainment!

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And if that was not enough to tickle your funny bone.. Mrs T has sent this over too.

Women versus Men . . . Priceless!
A group of women were at a seminar on how to live in a loving relationship with their husbands. They were asked the following questions:

1. “How many of you love your husband?”

All of them raised their hands.

2. “When was the last time you told your husband you loved him?”

Some said today, a few said yesterday, and others couldn’t remember.

They were told to take out their cell phones and text to their husbands: “I love you, sweetheart.”

They were then instructed to exchange phones with another woman and read aloud the message each received in response to their message.

Below are the replies. Do your best to keep a straight face! Or not!

1. Who the hell is this?
2. Eh, mother of my children, are you sick or what?
3. Yeah, and I love you too. What’s wrong?
4. What now? Did you crash the car again?
5. I don’t understand what you mean?
6. What the hell did you do now?
8. Don’t beat about the bush, just tell me how much you need?
9. Am I dreaming?
10. If you don’t tell me who this message is actually for, someone will die.
11. I thought we agreed you wouldn’t drink during the day.
12. Your mother is coming to stay with us, isn’t she?

My thanks again to Mrs T.. and here is how you can buy her books.


Buy the books: https://www.amazon.com/Tina-Frisco/e/B009NMOFNY

I hope you have enjoyed these funnies and please feel free to pass them on. Thanks Sally

63 thoughts on “Time for some Laffs – Getting older has its moments.

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  2. Omg, these were all hilarious!!! I can’t see which I loved more, maybe the joke at the end, lol. But I especially loved the price tag for friends, brilliant! 🙂 xoxo ❤ ❤ Musketeers!

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  5. Loved these! Thank you, Tina and Sally! My grands now ask me which knee is the good one before they sit on me. LOL! As for the bathrooms, I can’t pass by one with being drawn into them by some strange unexplainable force. Funny, I have the same old lady in my mirror! Hugs to you both! ❤️🤗xx

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