Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 3rd March 2017 – Gratitude, Ziggy Stardust, Spam emails, Tailorbirds and World Book Day

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to today’s selection of blog posts that I would like to share with you.


The first post is one that made me realise that I am very lucky to have never faced leaving a young family behind because of illness. Only adding to the horrendous stress of facing a life-threatening disease, not once but three times.. This was posted by Patricia Salamone yesterday and I think will make us all give thanks.


I lay in the hospital bed at Columbia Presbyterian in New York. It is ten thirty pm., and the nurses continue to give me enemas to clean out my colon. I can barely walk at this point and tell the nurse this is the last one. I feel like my legs won’t last another trip to the bathroom. The enemas stop and I am left with my thoughts about tomorrow morning. Will it be the last morning for me, will I never see my children again or my family for that matter. I left instructions with my husband and my sisters, they were trying to encourage me but with tears in their eyes. My children were four, nine and eleven. They needed me.

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Thomas the Rhymer

For those of you who enjoyed the blog sitting posts by Paul Andruss, here is a post from his own blog that fans of 1960s music and David Bowie with enjoy. An intimate, behind the scenes, story of the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust. Here is the link to part one that I suggest you read first.

America was not going well for Ziggy and the Spiders. The major cities took them to heart. They performed sell out concerts at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and Santa Monica (broadcast by a local radio station, it became one of the era’s most desired bootlegs). Yet Middle-America proved harder to break. Concerts were poorly attended.

Shows at Dallas, Houston and Oklahoma City were cancelled because of poor ticket sales. At St Louis there were 180 people in an 11,000 capacity hall – calling them down to the front David delighted fans with an intimate chatty performance. Seattle saw only 400 and Phoenix 200. In Phoenix David played ‘Drive in Saturday’ for the first time. This was his follow-up single for Mott the Hoople. He had already presented them with ‘All the Young Dudes’, giving them a huge hit.

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Next a problem that many bloggers face when someone feels that they can take advantage of your work and branding to aid their own. Debby Gies tackles the unsolicited emails from strangers implying a love for your blog and a desire to be a part of it.  I get particularly irritated when people email without using my name which is clearly prominent on my blog and posts. A giveaway that they have never been near it. Thankfully 99% of those who do contact me are bonafide and not a problem but recently I had a very persistent approach from a guy who would not take no for an answer.  Here are some elements to look out for courtesy of Debby.

I’ve noticed in these part 6 months as I began my author guest post series and after being invited to other writer’s blogs to guest appear that my website had garnered a lot more attention. This has been great, but like everything else in this world of technology, when more people become aware of our blogs, we also tend to attract more attention from spammers and/or people requesting to be on our blogs. 

Read the rest of this useful post:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I am drawn to photography blogs especially when they feature images of nature. With our worldwide Internet we have access to the wonders of nature across the globe and here is a new blog to me. Aditya Singh has some amazing bird posts.

About the Tailorbird

It has a rosy crown, red eyes, its beak is long and curved, the body is greenish from above with greyish brown wings and the underbody is whitish. The tail is long and it grows longer in the breeding season.

Behavior: It eats tiny insects that dwell under leaves and in the bushes. I have even seen one clinging on to a stone wall / concrete wall and picking insects from the tiny crevices with millimeter precision.

Find out more about this beautiful little bird:

Jessica Norrie

And now a Friday regular contributor.. Jessica Norrie with her thoughts on World Book Day this week.  We had something similar at school 50 years ago which involved swapping our favourite book with a classmate and keeping for a week and writing an essay.. No costumes but some interesting reads.

I support everything World Book Day stands for. Who wouldn’t want to support reading, advance literacy, encourage authors and readers, swell the book borrowing and buying audience of all ages and races? Do you sense a BUT coming? It’s only a small one.

 The schools I taught in and the ones where my children went celebrated World Book Day. One way to do this was by inviting the children and staff to dress up. (Fortunately for you, ex colleagues, I’ve lost the photos.) For me as a parent it was, mostly, fun deciding with the children who they would dress up as, how to put together the costumes, working out the inevitable challenges (Babar’s ears, Pirate Pete’s parrot). Some of that time I was working from home as a translator; at others I had access to my own school library and stationery cupboard which clearly did make my challenge easier. Even so, making a costume at home, if the school gives you enough notice, is not usually difficult.

 Find out more and share you thoughts on World Book Day:

Thanks for stopping by and I am sure you will enjoy reading the full posts of these talented bloggers. Please remember to leave the link for your most recent post in the comments. Thanks Sally


21 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 3rd March 2017 – Gratitude, Ziggy Stardust, Spam emails, Tailorbirds and World Book Day

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  2. This is my first day being connected to your blog and being able to take time to read. I appreciate the variety of blogs you post that I would never know about even though I am a blogger myself. Thank you.

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  5. This is a wonderful assortment of blogs and books. I love books about real people. That’s why I’ve enjoyed Debby’s so much. My next read will be the book you displayed. The first book sounds heart-rending, so I hope it has a happy ending. What a sweet woman. That is a must read. Thanks for sharing.

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