Smorgasbord Round Up – Loss, Memories, Blog Sitters and The Colour of Life


First thank you so much for all your very kind wishes for David and the rest of the family following the loss of his father last week. At nearly 94 it was a peaceful end to a wonderful life and as his daughter-in-law I too am very privileged to have known him for 37 years.

We shared many stories over those years and he was a wonderful raconteur with a bottomless box of tales. We published his first book in 2005 when he was 82 and this sold extremely well in Ireland in bookshops, particularly in the Waterford area. This was followed by two others. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing his books so that his stories can reach a wider audience. As I read and format the posts I can almost hear him talking.. I hope you will too.

As you will know if you pop in here regularly I had already invited blog sitters to entertain you while I was away last week in the UK with my sisters. I had talked to Geoff about this on the Sunday before I left as he had contributed particular stories in the past that he thought people would enjoy. Recently he suggested I use one of his long, tall tales during the Pavarotti series with William Price King that proved very popular. You will find a link in the directory.

Anyway, we are now adjusting to life again and ever the pragmatist, Geoff would encourage moving on and getting on with that life wholeheartedly.

Here are some of the posts that you might have missed in the last couple of weeks including a post with all the wonderful blog sitters and their contributions.  I cannot thank them enough.. they did an amazing job.

Creative Artist Interview

This week saw the start of the new series for Creative Artists including poets, photographers, musicians, artists, bloggers and story tellers. My first guest was friend and collaborator William Price King, Jazz singer, musician and composer.

William and his music

Blog Sitting Specials.

During my week officially away from the blog – some of my friends were kind enough to populate the blog with some wonderful and very well received posts to keep you all entertained. Earlier in the week I posted a special round up with the individual links.

My thanks again to Paul Andruss, Tina Frisco, Colin Chappell, Debby Gies, Geoff Le Pard, Noelle Granger, Susan M. Toy, Mary Smith, Robbie Cheadle, Linda Bethea and John Howell.

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I had just been in the UK for a night when David rang to let me know that my father-in-law Geoff had died peacefully in his sleep during the night. I returned on the Thursday despite Storm Doris’s best efforts as did family from Australia, Canada and other parts of the UK. He was in his 94th year and had a live well lived.  I am serialising his three books of stories and recollections of his long life starting with the Colour of Life set in Waterford in the 1920s onwards.


The Colour of Life by Geoff Cronin – Chapter One – Pigeons

Over the next few weeks I will be serialising my late father-in-law’s first book The Colour of Life on Saturday and Sundays. A memoir and a living history of life in Waterford and Southern Ireland from the 1920’s with glimpses into the past through recollections of his family history.

colour of life

Chapter One – Pigeons

Chapter Two – My Grandfather’s Story

Book Promotions


Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Update

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51qlw6az0tl-_uy250_ M.C.V Egan his-revenge-front-final

new-on-the-shelves-updateSally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves



The Blogger Daily

A short week but I hope you will enjoy these posts that I am sharing with you each day.



Dogs and Cats in the snow.


Smorgasbord Health 2017

There are a number of opportunities to be promoted here on smorgasbord and you will find them all in this directory.



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  2. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law, but having read the first chapter of his memoirs I know we’ll enjoy them. I’ve also read two of the books featured, Ghost Variations and Surviving the Death Railway. Very different and indeed fabulous books. Thanks so much, Sally.

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