Book Review: Tales from the Garden by Sally Cronin @scg58 #children #fairy tales

I was so delightedly surprised when Noelle Granger emailed me to let me know she had reviewed Tales from the Garden.. I am always so touched when people read my stories and respond to them in this way. I hope you will head over and read the review.. and buy the book of course (oops.. I nearly forgot I am a book promoter I was so excited)


tales-from-the-gardenTales from the Garden by Sally Cronin is at heart a book for all ages. I read several excerpts of the book in posts on Sally’s blog (Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life — and decided to read the entire book.

This is a collection of imaginative stories giving life to the various stone creatures that inhabit her garden: lions, eagles, dogs, dwarves, butterflies, young boys and beautiful girls, and of course the world of fairies living under the magnolia tree.  All of them come alive at night and there is a story about each of them – how they came to live there, how they contribute to the busy life of the garden.

The author imbues each of these creatures with a charming personality and a backstory that reminds the reader of long ago folktales. The writing is smooth with a gentle quality and effortlessly…

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Tales from the Garden by Sally Cronin @scg58 #children #fairy tales

  1. I agree a perfectly charming book that bridges generations with something for each whether it be the lovely stories or the clever humour that just makes you chuckle away. Highly recommended.

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