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The featured author today is David R. Jordan who latest book A Bhikku’s Tale was released on Febuary 27th 2017.

51zbeiywwsl-_sx311_bo1204203200_About A Bhikku’s Tale

Bhikku Reilly of Fararden Wood has defeated the mad god Morpheo’s dragon with the help of Red City’s shaman, Murray. Now they face a much harder task.

In a fight with Cernunnos, Morpheo has broken off a piece of antler from the horned god, which gives him immeasurable power over the natural world. Reilly and Murray, together with the Green Man, the Sybarite and the ghost girl, Tracy, must pursue the mad god and stop him from taking over the whole country of Inis Fail.

Their journey takes them to the Otherworld and back again, crossing the paths of many colourful characters and strange creatures.

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Also by David Jordan

41ihkjujl9l-_uy250_About The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien

These stories place Irish mythology into a modern context by following the adventures of the anti-hero, Dan Lee O’Brien, a pipe smoking, trench coat wearing, bike riding magician and investigator of the supernatural. An older, more laid back John Constantine, Dan Lee is the man for all things strange and Otherworldly.

 The most recent review for the book.

A great collection of short stories  By Eoin Jordan on 13 Sept. 2016

A great collection of short, and not so short stories. Jordan beautifully executes the idea that the Ancient Celtic Gods and mythological creatures still live among us, and in some cases shape our everyday lives, in a very interesting way. Oddly enough, even though the book does delve into the realm of fantasy, it is very cleverly written and therefore never appears to stray too far from the real world. The central character is a very likeable individual who works with and helps the Ancient Gods whenever they need him to, and these adventures make up the bulk of the stories here.

I know the author of old, and it was a pleasant surprise to discover that he had written and published a book. It was an even more pleasant surprise to discover that it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

413w-g-gv9l-_uy250_The End

These powerful, accessible poems blend humour and wisdom with energy and imagination to render an impressive debut. Full of music and vision, the collection will appeal to both lovers of poetry and music.

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About David. R. Jordan

I’m writing out of Cork, Ireland, where I was born and bred. As well as writing fiction and poetry I play the bass guitar. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden is my bass god. My favourite author is either WB Yeats or James Joyce – I can’t decide which, but I also love popular fiction, especially dark fantasy: Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Alan Moore are all huge influences on my writing.

I love to quote. My current favourite quote is by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘You need to have some chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.’

I love dogs, the great outdoors and coffee. My favourite film is A River Runs Through It. My favourite song is Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix.

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Thank you for dropping in today and please help spread the news of David’s latest book.. thanks Sally


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