AFRICAN AUGUST – Uganda, Dog shelters and THE ART OF WAAR

Christoph Fischer reveals the cover and background behind his book to be launched in April at the Llandeilo Lit Fest.. African August is a thriller set on a continent where trouble can flare up fast and lives can be changed forever. The proceeds from the paperback format of the book will go to a children’s charity in Kampala, Uganda. The Story is also part of an Ebook set that is due to be released in aid of the Santa Paula No Kill Animal Shelter. Head over and find out more #Recommended


I was asked to clarify the situation about my latest work-in-progress, so here is the blurb, followed by explanations about the project and the release:

African August

When Timothy, a budding author, puts his lucrative banking career on hold for the chance to go on the adventure of a lifetime in Africa, he gets far more than even he had bargained for. He teams up with a host of intriguing characters, from gay air stewards to beautiful, adventure-seeking women on his journey to self-fulfillment and self-discovery.

Risking his life negotiating white-water rapids and encountering some unanticipated jungle dangers, Timothy has his eyes opened to harsh realities, worlds away from the cossetted life he’d been living back in London. Soon, he and his companions find themselves caught up in deadly civil unrest. 

This is a tale of love, loss and growing up on a continent where the political situation is even more volatile…

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