Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 14th March 2017 – Judith Barrow – Sacha Black – Colleen Chesebro – Kelly Lacey and Marlena Smith

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to today’s small selection of blog posts I have enjoyed. If I missed getting to your blog I am sorry.. but please do leave a link to your most recent post in the comments.

First off today a new series from author Judith Barrow who will be interviewing authors over the next few months who also write family sagas. Today she is introducing us to Margaret Kaine.

Today I’m chatting with Margaret Kaine. Margaret was born and educated in the Potteries and now lives in Eastbourne. Her short stories have been published widely in women’s magazines in the UK, and also in Australia, Norway, South Africa and Ireland. Ring of Clay, her debut novel, won both the RNA’s New Writer’s Award in 2002 and the Society of Authors’ Sagittarius Prize in 2003. She has written several romantic sagas about life in the Potteries between the 50’s and 70’s,and translations include German and French. All are published as eBooks, paperbacks and hardbacks, also Large Print and Audio – cassette and CD. I’m thrilled to have Margaret here.

Read the rest of the interview:

sacha black

Time for a book review and here is Sacha Black with a book for young adults by Jolene Perry.

This week brings All The Forever Things by Jolene Perry. A great YA book about a girl that lives in a funeral home.

I loved almost everything about this book, the setting was great, and I loved the impact living in a home had on the main character.

I’ve never read a book set in a funeral home, so this was a new one for me. It’s one of many books I’ve read recently that are YA but not YA fantasy, and I think this one stood out.

Read Sacha’s review:

Join Colleen Chesebro for Mindful Mondays and her featured author this week is D. G. Kaye… Debby Gies and a focus on Debby’s memoir P.S. I Forgive You.

I have something different for you this week. It’s a book review of a novel that touched me deeply. The subject matter had to do with a journey and a liberation of pent up emotions that enabled the author to find peace. If that is not a mindful journey, I don’t know what is.

Mindfulness is about change, understanding, and acceptance of who we are and who we want to become. We all have a journey, and who we are as children changes through the years into adulthood. Perhaps it has to do with maturity, but we all get to a certain age where reflection leads to deeper understanding and forgiveness of the things we simply cannot change.

Read the rest of the post:

A new book event and review site for me. I am always on the lookout for blogs that review and since I just do not have the time to do my own as regularly as I would like, I do try to include here.. don’t forget if I miss you out… you have to tell me and put your link in the comments section. This is from the Love Books Group blog headed up by Kelly Lacey with a group of guest bloggers contributing.  There are also prizes to be won!  The Joyce Girl by Annabel Abbs –

Today I have my review of The Joyce Girl By Annabel Abbs. The book is beautifully written. It’s very enjoyable to read and it flows easily. Actors say when they make movie biographies and they spend so long learning about the character they play that they get a special unique experience. If that’s the case then I hope it goes for writers too. Because I truly want to believe that the spirit of Lucia Joyce, was with Annabel Abbs as she wrote The Joyce Girl. Looking on with pride and love for Annabel’s wonderful work.

Read the rest of the review:

Marlena Smith is looking for your help. Would you be able to donate one of your print books for a good cause.. in this case it is Cancer Research in the form of Relay for Life being held in May in Marlena’s hometown.. here are the details.

As many of you know, I am very passionate about Relay For Life and the fight against cancer. Cancer has affected my family multiple times. Not only have I lost loved ones, but I know many people that have also suffered the pain of this horrible disease. Cancer is a scary thing and, let’s just be honest, it sucks.

For this reason, I created my own Relay For Life Team – FINDING HOPE. My hometown’s event is scheduled for May, so the planning has already began. The theme this year is “Once upon a cure.” Each Relay Team has to create their own theme from the main one.

Perhaps it’s the writer in me or the awesome book club I’m in, but the first thing I thought about when I heard this was reading. So, from the main theme, I came up with this:

Find out more about how your book could benefit this important cause:

Thank you for dropping by.. this is a promotion for bloggers and whilst I am very happy to browse through blogs and enjoy the posts that I read… I am also delighted when you contribute either a link to your most recent post or a link to another blogger’s post that you have enjoyed.  Just put in the comments section or email me at sally.cronin (@)

Thanks Sally

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  2. Another great edition Sal. I’m especially looking forward to Judith’s new interview series and of course THANK YOU once again for including Colleen’s wonderful review of MY book! 🙂 🙂 ❤ xoxo Huge hugs!

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