Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 15th March 2017 – Hugh Roberts, Sue Vincent with Darlene Foster, Ali Isaac, Susan Scott and Balroop Singh

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to today’s selection of blog posts that I have enjoyed.. restricted only by space and time.  Please do let me have the link to your most recent post in the comments section.

The first post is from Hugh Roberts who talks movingly about his own experiences of coming out as gay to his mother and family and the difficulties facing those who fear taking this step.

One the biggest regrets of my life is that I never sat down with my Mother and told her that I’m gay. I chose, instead, the easy option of writing to her and telling her that her oldest son was a homosexual.

Facing Mum for the first time, after writing that letter, I was very nervous as I travelled to where she lived. I hesitated several times before walking up to the front door, ringing the doorbell, and announcing my arrival. What a shock I got when she came towards me with open arms and, as she gave me one of her wonderful hugs, hearing her whisper the words “I always knew you were gay, I don’t know why it took you so long to tell me.”

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Children’s author Darlene Foster was the guest on Sue Vincent’s blog a few days ago with a post on the importance of a critique group. She shares ten benefits for us as writers.

Darlene Foster

Never underestimate the importance of a good critique group. Without one, a writer may simply flounder in a sea of words and ideas. A critique group can make the difference between a mediocre story and an excellent piece of writing worthy of publication. Without the support of groups I’ve belonged to over the years, I would not have six books and several short stories published.

If you are wondering if you should join a critique group, here are ten things about critique groups you should know:

Preparations are afoot for a major worldwide celebration this Friday by millions who have even a smidgen of Irish blood in them… I remember when we lived in Houston being amazed at the things that were turned green on St. Patrick’s Day including the river that runs through San Antonio… the home of the Alamo. Not entirely without merit as at least 12 if not 15 Irishmen died defending the Alamo. Anyway.. Ali Isaac takes us through one of the more modern traditions…

It’s that time of year again… the Irish are preparing to party, big time, ‘cos there’s nothing we like more than celebrating the death of a saint. And all around the world, everyone wants in on the act.

Despite controversy, Enda Kenny is already in the US preparing to hand over the customary crystal bowl of shamrocks to President Trump on Thursday. This is a tradition which was started back in 1963, and symbolizes the ‘special’ relationship Ireland has always had, and hopes to maintain, with the US.

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Susan Scott author of In Praise Of Lilith, Eve And The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden And Other Stories is announcing and exciting initiative on March 31st bringing together writers who want to encourage more positivity and generosity of spirit.

We are The World Blogfest

I’m very happy to announce and to be part of this initiative. I thank Damyanti Biswas in Singapore for her infinite patience in helping me get this blog post up. It’s the same one that will be going up in various parts of the world from Wed 8th March. It was lovely to meet and talk with this gentle and loving soul. She was a ray of light. Without minimising the direness of the world, the hope of this blogfest is that through true-life examples of love and peace, pockets of joy, moments of clarity, the tide can be turned.

‘Social media and news in recent times has been filled with hate and negativity. Just as you cannot fight darkness, only light lamps, Hate and Negativity cannot be fought. You need to bring Love and Positivity forward instead.

We bring to you the We Are the World Blogfest, along with these fabulous co-hosts:

Finally Balroop Singh reminds us that laughter is a vital key to our health physically, mentally and emotionally.

Laughter – a spontaneous overflow of fun, a stress reliever, a mood changer, a health therapist…not only provides a cushion to our emotional hurts but also helps us in dealing with the jolts of life effectively.

I have written about laughter therapy to remain emotionally healthy yet it is not listed under the most popular posts!

Why do we forget our laughter skills, as we grow older and resilient?

Read the rest of the post:

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you will find the posts as interesting as I did. Please feel free to leave a link to your most recent post in the comments section.

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