Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 16th March 2017 – Dr. Rachele Baker, Irwin Lengel, Suzie Speaks, Dan Alatorre, Annette Rochelle Aben and Ritu Bhathal

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyCan you believe that it is Thursday already.. my thanks for those who left their links in the comments yesterday and delighted to include them tonight. If you would like your most recent post to feature in the Blogger Daily just leave your link in the comments.

About Rachele Baker, DVM – I am a veterinarian, writer, published author, and award-winning blogger living in the beautiful state of California. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of California Davis in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology in 1997, and then went on to obtain my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. I have been a practicing small animal veterinarian in the state of California since 2001. I owned and managed my own veterinary hospital for four years.

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The next post is by Irwin Lengel who lives with his wife of 52 years in a 55+ retirement community in Florida. Not only does Irwin blog about health and other issues about those in retirement he and his wife still manage time to teach line dancing. In this post Irwin asks the question about are various aches and pains that seem to be part and parcel of getting older.. but is it age or are we sick?

As we age, we know our bodies go through various changes. Sleep habits might change. Some people begin sleeping more while others may begin to sleep less. Muscles ache, body aches, some individuals may even experience pins and needles in their feet or other parts of the body. Some may have problems with their brain (ideas just bouncing from one thought to another).

What does this all mean? Well, several questions come to mind: “What does old feel like?” or an even better question is: “What does sick feel like?” How do we differentiate between the two?

Read the rest of Irwin’s post and see if you can keep up with active life he and his wife lead:

If you have been blogging for a number of years you will probably find that you have a much bigger and different audience to those early days. Suzie takes you through how to revamp and repost to reach that new audience.. Don’t let your work gather dust in the archives.

Last week I decided to go through my old blog posts, which had quite a negative impact on my general confidence about my content and I had a little meltdown on the blog. After receiving lots of good advice from the blogging community I decided to ignore my initial knee-jerk intention to delete hundreds of posts that I considered to be inferior and instead spend a bit of time recycling some of my earliest articles.

There were a number of reasons for this:

1. My blog is nearly four years old, and I have a much bigger audience than when these posts were originally published. I wanted to reach my newer audience who would not have seen them.

Read the rest of the reasons to repost:

Dan Alatorre invited author and poet Annette Rochelle Aben to join him to share a  lovely short story about Ellis the Elephant about bullying. You will want to read the whole story.

Ellis the elephant was big and fat. For this, he was snubbed by many; imagine that. Yet he’d go through his day smiling at the trees and enjoying the songs of the happy honey bees. There were rivers to splash in and rocks upon which to sun, Ellis the elephant, knew how to have fun.

One day when he was playing shadow tag with low hanging branches a group of wild cats were giving Ellis funny glances. Never had they seen something so big and fat try to move as quickly and agile as a cat. Watching him lumber from side to side made them laugh so hard they had tears in their eyes. Rather than join in and play the game, these wild cats decided to call Ellis cruel names.

Read the rest of this delightful story:

Finally, Ritu Bhathal had an accident a couple of weeks ago and thankfully was not seriously injured. However, like all of us who have to step back from busy jobs and responsibilities there is something stressful about being away from it for two weeks and wondering what you will walk back into on your return. Let’s find out how Ritu got on.. and also head over and enjoy her musical review going on all of March.

It’s never easy, going back to work after time off. After a holiday, you just don’t wanna be there, but after a period of time off that was unforeseen, it can be quite nerve-wracking.

You never know what everyone else at your workplace has been really thinking… do they think you’ve been putting it on? There is always someone who had the same thing happen to them, and they were back on double shift the next day.

You don’t know how your management will view you either. No one likes it when an employee has to take unexpected time off.

You almost cringe at the amount of work that will be piled up for when you get back.

You worry whether you will be able to manage.

You wonder how much of a mess your cover will have left you to sort out.

There is all manner of things going through your mind. Well, they all flitted through my mind over the two weeks I was off after my accident.

Discover what Ritu found on her return:

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