Back to a Pug in the Kitchen — Granny Phanny & the Giant Rabbit

Exciting news.. Teagan Geneviene is releasing another book this spring in her Three Ingredients serial.. in the meantime we are treated to another collaboration between Teagan and Suzanne from A Pug in the Kitchen.. there is Turnips involved with a delicious recipe as well as a delicious story about women’s empowerment.. oh and a giant……….head over and find out more. #recommended

Teagan's Books

Preparing to Launch…

This spring I plan to book-ize the second serial story, Murder at the Bijou, Three Ingredients I.   As I get ready for the takeoff, I’m doing a few collaborative posts with people who blog other topics — combining my stories with their respective talents.  Since Murder at the Bijou is a culinary mystery, I am particularly happy to do another joint post with the fantastic chef, Suzanne from A Pug in the Kitchen.

The post is already live at her blog.  Click here.  I appreciate those of you who have already left comments there.  pug memorial candle

First, here’s Suzanne to introduce our special purpose with this collaboration.  Go ahead, Suzanne…

Another delightful installment from the joint collaboration with writer/author extraordinaire Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene, we planned this post to occur in March, Women’s History Month.  We’ve come a long way baby and every month, week…

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2 thoughts on “Back to a Pug in the Kitchen — Granny Phanny & the Giant Rabbit

  1. Sally, you are a treasure, and your introductions are such a treat! Thank you for sharing this joint post with your readers.
    Yes, I’m in the process of book-izing the second of my 4 blog serials. Its timeline follows right after The Three Things Serial Story, which I released last November.
    So leading up to that “takeoff” I’m doing joint posts with bloggers from other fields. I have one coming up next weekend with Kev — his music and a snipped from Atonement in Bloom (still unfinished)
    Another is in the works with Kirt Tisdale — his photographic art and a story from the Pip universe.
    Have a wonder-filled new week. Mega hugs!

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