My Review of Codename Lazarus: The Spy Who Came Back From The Dead by A P Martin for #RBRT #TuesdayBookBlog #WWII

Judith Barrow reviews Codename Lazarus – The Spy Who Came Back From The Dead by A.P. Martin. Judith writes constructive and very honest reviews and I trust her judgement. This is how a review should be written #recommended.

Judith Barrow

515LL2ng+sLI  was given this book by the author as a member of Rosie Amber’s review team (#RBRT) in return for an honest review.

I gave Codename Lazarus 4* out of 5*

The Blurb:

Spring 1938 and Great Britain is facing potentially lethal threats: the looming war with Germany; the fear that her Secret Service has been penetrated by Nazi agents and the existence of hundreds of British citizens, who are keen to pass information to her enemies.

John King, a young academic, is approached by his Oxbridge mentor to participate in a stunning deception that would frustrate Britain’s enemies. As King struggles to come to terms with the demands of his mission, he must learn to survive in a dangerous and lonely ‘no man’s land’, whilst remaining one step ahead of those in hot pursuit.

Adapted from a true story, ‘Codename Lazarus’ takes the reader on a journey from the dark…

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