Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 24th March 2017 – Brigid Gallagher – Seumas Gallacher – Yecheilyah Ysrayl – Jeff B. Grant

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to today’s selection of blogs that I have enjoyed today and first is the post by Brigid Gallagher who took a road trip. Whilst the purpose of the drive was sadly for a funeral Brigid managed to visit the local area as well..

Fibromyalgia makes driving long distances a challenge for me; I am comfortable on short drives around home, but anything beyond that requires careful planning and extra rest, both before, during and after the journey.

Last week, an unexpected funeral around 60 miles away, took me out of my driving comfort zone.

However, I decided I was going to enjoy the journey regardless, as it would take me past some spectacular scenery -through the village of Dunlewey, The Poison Glen, and the foot of Errigal Mountain, then on through Glenveagh National Park where I once tended The Gardens of Glenveagh Castle.

Enjoy the photographs and the rest of the trip:

 I must admit that there are some mornings when I get up and view the grey skies outside my window and my joints creak that I would slap the next person who tells me that 60 is the new 40!  Seumas Gallacher is also posing his question about the subject..

…so when will 100 years old be considered the new ‘middle age’?

…it’s an extraordinary thing this age business… when Master Gallacher was creeping into his teens, emb’dy who was over thirty years old was regarded as ‘getting on a bit’… when my turn came to reach that same ripe milestone of 30, the horizon had stretched sum’what to ‘oldies’ being on the other side of fifty… galloping straight through my own ‘life begins at 40’ nonsense and ripping headlong through the half century, again the elasticity of the ‘seniority’ tag revealed itself… reserved then in my head for the 75+ bracket… what a moving target it’s been since 1948… yup, 1948, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… the year the newborn Gallacher backside was smacked for the first time as the midwife prob’ly wondered ‘what the hell has this poor pregnant wummin produced’...

Carry on laughing and see if you can help Seumas out:

You might have noticed that I am on a tear this week about reviews. I think that they are so vital to our lives as writers that those that our paid to sell our books are doing a woeful job about them. We lay a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of those who review our books and sometimes we are not as accepting as we might be about critical comments.

Writing a constructive well thought out and written review is as important as anything else we write be it short stories, novels or blog posts. Yecheilyah Ysrayl talks about this from a book reviewers perspective.

Why Reviewing Books is an Act of Love

Whenever I finish a book and prepare a review, I ask myself why I am doing this. Why I dedicate time reading books and time writing reviews and even more time structuring the blog post. Do you know how many times I revise a post before it goes public? Too many times. Some of the posts you love the most have been revised upwards to twenty times because I want it to be done to the best of my ability. It may not even be done right but at least I know I’ve done what I can.

Read the rest of this important post:

My last post today is one that reflects the opinion of what I hope is millions of those living in the United Kingdom, side by side despite language and cultural differences. I have been a guest in eight different countries since I was born for anywhere from two years to 17 years, and have always been treated with kindness and respect.

Jeff Grant shares this post which I think everybody should read and then reflect on their own approach to others in our multi-cultural societies. Jeff is correct in that if we are to survive into the next century we will need to find a way to live together in harmony.

Guns in Westminster

So here in the UK we have experienced another terrorist attack. Right alongside what is pleased to call itself the Mother of Parliaments. The first thing I want to say about that is that for any Muslim who may read this, for any native of another country living here who reads this – you are welcome here. I’m very happy to have you here. You and your different languages, your different dress, your different foods which our restaurants serve now on a daily basis all brighten up and broaden the collective mind of our society. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m slightly humbled – and flattered – that you should think enough of this country and this society to want to make a life for yourself and your family here, or just to be resident here for a period of time. And you should know that there are millions of others like me whose voices you perhaps don’t hear often enough.

Read the rest of this message to us all:

Have a great weekend and the Blogger Daily will be back on Monday. Thanks Sally

Coming up on Smorgasbord this weekend.

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Book Reading and Inteview with award winning children’s author Bette A. Stevens on Saturday.

Smorgasbord Round up on Sunday.


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