Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 27th March 2017 – D.G. Kaye, Sacha Black and ABBA, Darlene Foster and Sue Vincent with Lisa Burton

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to the Blogger Daily and delighted to share the posts of some bloggers who have their links in the comments of past posts today.. Please do leave yours as it is a way to reach some new readers for your blog.

Firstly though Debby Gies has been snow birding in Arizona away from the blizzards of Toronto. She is taunting us with her daily sunning by the pool and her various excursions around the area. And some spooky photographs that need some explaining…  Taunt away Debby…we have had two days of sunshine and counting…

What have I been up to in Arizona?

Well, for one thing, the temperatures have climbed to unseasonably hot. They were unseasonably cool up to one day before we arrived here. Where the temps should have been hovering around the mid 60s to early 70s from late February into March and tapering off around mid 70s for most of March, February had quite a cold spell and the first few nights here we needed a jacket. That was until the first weekend in March hit and we’re currently having temps close to 95 degrees. These desert temps can sometimes hamper plans to go to certain places where we’d have to be walking around all day outside, because, well, it’s a desert!

Read the rest of this entertaining and spooky post:

Sacha Black and the other ABBA team members are busy behind the scenes preparing for the start of the annual voting spree for the Bloggers Bash and also collecting your money for your tickets.  I am going and my ticket is booked.  Hope you can make it too.

The Bloggers Bash is now less than 3 months away, which means the committee is frantic and hysterical behind the scenes. Or maybe that’s just me.

And if you don’t know what the Bloggers Bash is, DAMN you should. It’s an annual get-together for all bloggers from all platforms from all over the world, although it’s hosted in London. Wanna come meet your blogging buddies? Get your ticket here.

Each year we release the awards, and their new swanky logos, so you can see what you will be nominating and then voting for.


Get all the details about the bash and the tickets which are only £10 :

Next Darlene Foster who shares a Ghost Walk on her recent trip to York.  I have experienced the atmospheric and slightly unnerving vibe of the city when I worked and lived there for six months. Gives me goosebumps just to think about it.

During my visit to York, I went on a ghost walk. A city with such a long and rich history is bound to have ghosts lurking about. In fact, York is known as the most haunted city in England. Our excellent guide took us to places where ghosts sightings and paranormal activity have been reported. We began the tour at the York Minster on a chilly misty evening.

Read the rest of this ghostly illustrated post:

I reblogged this post earlier but it bears repeating. I spend a great deal of my week searching through blogs and Amazon looking for posts to promote in the Blogger Daily and for new books and reviews to share in various FREE book promotions in the week. Thankfully I do get a few emails through but sadly it seems that authors are not taking advantage of offers for this and guest posts or interviews.  Here is Sue Vincent’s intro and then the guest post by Lisa Burton who is the robotic PA to author C.S. Boyack.

How much would you pay to reach a potential audience of say, a hundred thousand readers? And what if, instead, you could do that for FREE, with no strings attached?

Writers need to promote their work… interviews, guest posts, radio shows…they are all excellent ways of getting your work seen and, hopefully read. There are any number of sites willing to make holes in your hard-won and often meagre royalties by offering you advertising space, or nameless (and possibly non-existent) followers and who will charge you to appear on their blog or website. While everyone needs to make a living, and while there is nothing wrong with investing money, as well as your time to promote your work, why pay for what you are being offered for free?

There are very many people offering guest spots to writers. WordPress bloggers will also post their links across many social media platforms, getting your work seen by even more poeple so that even just between, say, The Story Reading Ape, Lisa Burton, Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord and this blog, you will reach that magic hundred thousand pairs of eyes.

Yet we struggle to fill the slots reserved for guest posts…

My guest today is the gorgeous Lisa Burton from Entertaining Stories and #LisaBurtonRadio who looks at some of the reasons why this might be so…


Read Lisa Burton’s guest post on the reasons why you need to be more proactive:

And if you would like to find out more about the promotions for bloggers and authors here on Smorgasbord then here are two links.

and the brand new open to all authors and book reviewers.

Why not make a start by leaving the link to your latest post in the comments section so that I can share this week in the Blogger Daily?


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  3. Hi Sally, thank you for including us, I will definitely take you up on the offer when I launch – I’m aiming for the end of May, I’ll give you a link nearer the time though – tomorrow I am posting a reminder about the tickets if you would be okay to include that? hope you’re well, can’t wait to meet you in June 😀

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