Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 28th March 2017 – Dan Alatorre, All Doggie, Judith Barrow and Jennie Fitzkee

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

It is that time of day again to share a small selection of blog posts from the ones I have read and enjoyed.  If I have missed yours then I am sorry but would love it if you would leave a link in the comments for me.

I have done a few book signings in stores and at events and there is always that moment when you see the daunting pile of books that you wonder if you will be taking you home with you again.. Never fear.. Author Dan Alatorre is here with some great ways to avoid that happening.

9 Ways To Avoid A Humiliating Public Failure At Your Book Signing Event

You finally worked up the nerve to ask a real, live bookstore to have you sign books at an event!

Okay, you emailed them.

But they replied and now you have a signing event! Woo hoo!

Uh oh…

A real live event.With people.

Or worse, maybe with NO people.

I can hear your heart pounding from here. You’ve heard horror stories about signings. Nobody came. Nobody bought a book…


It can happen even if you DO plan. So what do you do? After all, for the most part you tend to be humiliation-averse.

Good thing I was here!

It won’t be long before we will be setting out on trips and I remember packing more for Sam than for us when we did a road trip.. He also seemed to have more paperwork requirements too.. at least we do not need Rabies shots before going to Europe! Here is a very useful blog .. All about dogs…. And a checklist for your next trip.

It’s always a good idea to make a list of essentials to bring along when you’re going on a trip, and traveling with Doggie is no exception. Making a list of items to bring along well in advance of the trip allows you to remember commonly forgotten items and add them to list before you disembark. Here at we’ve done the work for you!

When traveling with Doggie, don’t forget these essential items to make Doggie as comfortable as possible! After all, she’s a part of the family, and has some special needs that could be commonly forgotten in the moment of departure.

Here is the checklist:

Over the coming months Judith Barrow will be interviewing fellow authors who write family sagas. If you have not read Judith’s three books then I do recommend them all having read and thoroughly enjoyed. Yesterday her guest was Jenny Lloyd author of Leap the Wild Water, Anywhere the Wind Blows and The Calling of the Raven.

My Series of #FamilySaga Authors. Today with Jenny Lloyd #MondayBlogs
Posted on March 27, 2017

Over the next few months I’ll be chatting with authors who, like me, write Family Sagas, (#familysaga) a genre that can cover many countries, years and cultures.I am thrilled that so many excellent writers have agreed to meet here with me. I’m sure you’ll find them as fascinating as I do. All I can say is watch this space. Your TBR list of books will be toppling over!!

Read the very interesting interview with Jenny Lloyd as she talks about the inspiration behind her writing:

I have often written in health posts that I think that music is another food group and I certainly could not imagine my life without it. But how about young children being introduced to classical music and fine art. Jennie Fitzkee has introduced the children in her class to both with stunning results.. This is a fascinating post and even if you do not have children it might inspire you to put Vivaldi whatever musical player you own and get some paints out.

Every year I am surprised when I bring to school my old record player, which looks much like a suitcase. I simply but it down on the floor in front of the children and look at it. Then, I wait for the wonder of what happens next. As children predict what they think it might be, I open the lid and start to carefully touch the turntable and the arm… and then turn it on.

See the results for yourself in this surprising post:

Thank you for popping by and please feel free to share the link to your lastest post in the comments. Thanks Sally


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