Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 30th March 2017 – Dutch Rogue Cove, Wayward Wheeler, Janice Spina and John W. Howell

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to my daily selection of just some of the blogs I have visited today and I thought I would share some new blogs I have connected to. The first is something very different. I am going to share the About Me page so you get the details and then I suggest that you head over and discover for yourself the wonderful artwork that has been created in this extraordinary fashion.  Brilliant.  Meet Artist Ben Miller.

About Dutch Rogue Cove

The idea for Dutch Rogue Cove is fuse the passion for fly fishing with the passion to create art. Painting and fly fishing are essentially the same thing with decisions being made about the colors and how fast they are set on a surface, and fly fishing with decisions being made about what fly to use in any given circumstance. This idea has been 30 years of fly fishing experience and twenty years of pursuing the arts in the works. It came to me one day to combine the two and create paintings by using a fly rod. There is no better place to create this art than Montana and capture the colors, movement, and temper of the famous streams. The art is evolving to paint the patterns and colors of different sides of trout and give a lot of action to paintings for the diverse quarry that can be pursued with a fly rod.

When I was 8 years old grandpa introduced me to fly fishing
Fly tying came next with sewing thread and chicken feathers lashed to an egg hook
All assignments in primary school dealt with fishing in one way or another
I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Washington State University
A K-12 teaching endorsement from Central Washington University
Taught Fine Arts at the high school level for 12 years
Discovered my niche to carve in the Art world, resigned from teaching, sold my house and moved to Bozeman Montana “The fly fishing capital of the world” to create works of art and change how paintings can be made and images of streams never seen before.

Find out more about Ben Miller and his artwork:

Next Eamon of WaywardWheeler is back packing around his home of New Zealand, the UK and is now tackling the wilderness of the USA. Since this is all done in a wheelchair the logistics are not always easy and I recommend that you head over and read some of the posts for yourself and decide whether you could manage with one backpack and a chair and face the long road ahead.

Next week I’m heading down the east coast from snowy Pennsylvania to sunny Florida. My goal is to get lost in the wilderness, So I’m making my way either to Arizona to get lost in the desert or Colorado to get lost in the mountains. I have a Tent, sleeping bag and everything I should need packed away in the backpack.

Read about the next stage in Eamon’s journey:

Janice Spina is host to children’s author Deb Hockenberry author of Where Can We Have the Party.

Please tell us something about yourself. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be an author since I was in elementary school. I remember telling stories to my siblings and the neighbor kids on my family’s front porch back then. I also remember being at our local branch of the Carnegie Library asking the librarian about books that could tell me how to get started in writing. I was still in elementary school and very nervous about asking her this. But it paid off. She took me into the adult section of the library and pulled several books on writing off the shelf for me. I was still in elementary school here, too. Back then, kids just didn’t go into the adult section for anything. I felt so special!

Read the rest of the interview:

Time to get back to nature now with John W. Howell who has an update on Peggy the Heron.. Both John and his wife are animal lovers and they ‘walk the talk’ supporting a local rescue centre. It is always a privilege when a wild creature enters our environment and becomes a fixture..

It has been a while since I have given you an update on my favorite heron. For those who are new Peggy has been in the neighborhood for over four years and she has an injured leg. We call her Peggy even though we are not sure she is a female. Peggy of course is the affectionate term for the fact that one leg is pretty much as if she was a pirate. The quick report is Peggy is doing well. She had a challenge with her bad leg about a month ago and was not getting around too well. She has recovered and is back to her old self.

See the photographic evidence:

Thanks for dropping in today and hope you find the posts as interesting as I did. Thanks Sally


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