Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 31st March 2017 – D.G. Kaye, Paul Andruss, Hugh Roberts and Jessica Norrie

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Debby Gies – D.G. Kaye with her post to celebrate We Are The World Blogfest spreading a different message to the media who believe that bad news sells papers.  She explores the simple things in life that we should be grateful for… Things we take for granted such as running water and food on the table.

I am honored to be part of this group, #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, and today’s post is my contribution to share kindness and positive messages instead of dwelling on some the negativity and woes of the world and to remind us about how to feel inspired and grateful.

Gratitude comes in many forms and is observed by many in different manners. Most often, gratitude finds its way into our daily lives by some of the little things we may not have taken notice of until such a situation presents itself.

Read the rest of this inspiring post:

Thomas the Rhymer

Author Paul Andruss is not just a talented writer but a great book reviewer. Having been on the receiving end and loved every word, I am delighted to share an excerpt from his review of The Initiate by Sue Vincent and Stuart France.

I have only read spiritual writing as a tourist, never a seeker. Yet I am often captivated by the images the words conjure in my imagination. Sometimes it feels like a thousand lights are turned on inside, while I peer greedily through a chink in the curtains. Standing open-mouthed, gawking in wonder at glimpsed fragments, without ever knowing the whole.

Is this not our world? The infinite casually swapped for the instant; meaning for sensation. We insatiably wade through today in search of tomorrow, relegating each experience to yet another tick on the bucket list. Tick… tick… tick… tick… tick… like the second hand of a clock, punctuating infinity. Cherry picking a soundbite here, a photograph there; souvenirs to prove we dared brave unknown realms.

It is not possible to review Sue Vincent and Stuart France’s ‘The Initiate’ as a novel, for it is not plot or character driven, instead it is a revelation – in the true sense of the word. It is to be experienced not dissected.

Read the full review:

Hugh Roberts has many very helpful posts for those just beginning their blogging journey and those of us who have been around for a while. We all have different reasons for blogging but feeling guilty about not having time to read everyone else’s post should not be one of them…

I’ve recently been reading some posts and messages on Facebook where people are asking for advice because blogging has got to the stage of stressing them out and/or making them feel guilty. I’ve written about this subject before, and know exactly how these bloggers are feeling, having been through the whole blogging ‘feeling guilty’ trip, myself.

Read this thoughtful and useful post from Hugh:

Jessica Norrie

Jessica Norrie has had a busy week but has still managed to provide us with her usual interesting and entertaining Friday post.  She has managed to fit in some reading over the last few days and also shares her thoughts on the work of bestselling author Nicci French. All this following an exciting start to the week top sopping (soprano) for the Hackney Singers at the Festival Hall.  Fantastic stuff Jessica.

It’s Friday again. Unusually, I haven’t made any notes for today’s blog post during the week. I’ve done no writing or editing either in the past seven days. But if I don’t post, it’s the start of a slippery slope, a particular shame as I approach next week’s Blogiversary. So what can I say?

One good reason for not writing was reading. I finished On Golden Hill, which I thought one of best books I’ve read in the past couple of years. It’s a spoof on early English novelists like Sterne and Smollett (at least, I think it is. I’ve never read them, just accumulated enough literary bric a brac over the years to think I would know what to expect if I did. And now along comes a 21st century author with an easier to penetrate, shorter pastiche so I’ll never have to.)

Find out more about Jessica’s week and her views on the Monday to Saturday series by Nicci French:

Thank you for dropping in today and please feel free to add the links to your most recent post in the comments section.


14 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 31st March 2017 – D.G. Kaye, Paul Andruss, Hugh Roberts and Jessica Norrie

  1. I really liked Hugh’s post on how to manage reading and following other blogs. Trying to find a balance is probably the biggest challenge for me as a blogger. I have unfollowed a good number of blogs lately to make room for following new blogs. Like Hugh I have seen my share of ghost bloggers. 😊

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