Smorgasbord Blogger Daily April 4th 2017 – Marlena Smith, Sue Vincent, Granny Moon and Charlotte Kane

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to today’s small selection of blog posts that I have read and enjoyed today. I spend as much time as possible visiting the sites I follow but in case I miss your post please leave a link in the comments.

I am starting with an author interview on author Marlena Smith’s blog where she asks Staci Triolo about family.

What is Family?

Hi, Marlena. Thanks for inviting me to visit with you and your readers today. I’m happy to be here.

I’m one of six authors involved with Story Empire, a group dedicated to pooling our collective writing/publishing/marketing experience and sharing it with others in our fields. This week, we’ve expanded on our industry posts and banded together to take our show on the road. In other words, we’re hosting each other on book tours.

Read Staci’s thoughts on family and the rest of the interview:

Sue Vincent’s guest today is G. Michael Vasey author of several books of paranormal with more than a hint of the paranormal. Here he talks about the inspiration behind his latest book..

A recent call with my mother resulted in my latest book. Knowing my interests, my mother surprised me by telling me how on three separate occasions, she had seen her sister. The first time, she was in the kitchen and turned around to see the apparition of her sister. It slowly faded away. The second time, she saw her outside the front door but by the time she got to the door, no one was there. A third instance shook her up quite a bit. Why? Well seeing a ghost is a scary thing but especially if the person whose ghost you see is still alive!

I was hooked – ghosts of the living.

Discover more about the book and other work by G. Michael Vasey:

Granny Moon brings shares the Karelian Folk Healing which interestingly focuses on the feet as a part of the body where toxins are released during and following sickness. Also the holistic approach using music, movement and rituals.

Various folk shamanic tradition practices are called Folk Healing, like the Grandmothers in this video (in other traditions its called medicine woman). The Slavs, Balkans and North regions like the Karelians pretty much have the same basic rituals for healing. The feet are important because they are both where the greatest amount of our detoxing of sickness releases. The folk singing (chanting and/or spells its called in some traditions) are the direction in which the healing “intent” of the energy is given.

Song, movement, specific parts of the body, water and fire rituals, all work together as the root foundation, be that medicine chanted or spoken into sacred clothing through embroidery, or the folk healer (who whisperers) a directional energy, or our relationship to the spirit (benevolent energies) of earth to work with the healer (in shamanic way), which is closest to our body and soul of the sick.

Read more about these unpatented and therefore often dismissed methods of healing:

And finally today an author interview by Charlotte Kane who finds out more about the books of Lynette Creswell.

So tell us about the Magic Trilogy and the world it is set in.

The magic trilogy begins with Sinners of Magic. The story unfolds in a world parallel to our own, a place where immortals are forbidden to procreate with anyone other than their own kind. Amella and Bridgemear, secret lovers within the realm of Nine Winters, are betrayed by someone they trust. This has devastating consequences when Amella is found to be carrying the magician’s child. The Elders banish the newborn babe to the land of mere mortals and Amella is forced to allow her daughter to be raised as a human.

Years pass and dark and troubled times descend upon the Elf realm. Amella’s child whom she named Crystal is now sixteen years old and using old, forbidden magic. The King of the Elves sends an envoy, a shape-changer, who tricks her into believing if she returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters, she will find the answers regarding her newly revealed birthright.

Read the rest of the interview with Lynette Creswell:

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Thanks for dropping by today.. Sally


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