Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Reading and Interview with Adele Marie Park

Sally's Cafe and BookstoreWelcome to the Book Reading at the Cafe and today my guest author is Adele Marie Park who recently published her debut novel Wisp, the magical fantasy about Elves and the dark side of their world.

First let’s find out a little more about Adele before I put her into the hot seat for her interview.

I was born in the north east of Scotland, at the age of six months I moved with family to live on the Orcadian island of Rousay. My childhood was surrounded with tales and legends of old, these themes and beliefs I have carried all my life. They now emerge and live within the pages of my books.

My most major work, and my lifes passion, is a series of tales regarding humans and selkies. The Suleskerry Saga portrays tales of merging worlds and peoples, delving into the battles and loves theirin.

I love writing, it`s my passion. My genres include fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, and a mixture of all those. I love telling stories;period. I am married to my wonderful wife, Becca who is my rock. Our daughter Tara and our dog, german shepherd collie cross, are also my passions. To experience a moment of pure love is to experience the world.

Creativity is something I couldn`t live without.I am also a Supernatural geek, and love my music. Punk, Goth, Rockabilly and visual Kei music from Japan.

The paranormal is my normal.  Oh, and I also totally believe in faeries.

About Wisp

Edra; a world where magic flourishes and where dark secrets are concealed by those who rule. Secrets which can get the innocent killed without a thought.When the body of an elf is discovered in a treacherous area of the city, Wisp a young Law Enforcer is assigned the case.

He soon realises the case is far from simple. As soon as he finds one thread another one leads him to unravel a tapestry woven from lies, secrets, corruption and evil. When friendship turns to love, Wisp`s life, as he knew it will completely change.

What started out as a murder case ends in a grisly battle which Wisp and his companions seem to have no chance of winning.

Here is the most recent review for Wisp

Meet Wisp, a law enforcer in the land of Edra, where magic is encouraged to flourish and is often needed for sheer survival. A mages council rules Edra compared to the neighboring area of Finah, who prefers humans to control their resources. After a bloody civil war, many years ago, the two lands exist beside each other in a fragile peace.

Wisp is a marsh fairy (YES! Can you believe it?) with raven hair and pointy ears pierced with silver earrings. Marsh fairies are rare and possess special powers. Wisp keeps his real identity under wraps, known only to his superiors. Abandoned as a child, the “Senior” Law enforcement officer raised him ensuring his survival.

In a desolate area filled with putrefying rubbish, Wisp comes across the body of a High Elf, a member of the Thorns, who was a high-ranking council member found murdered in the circle. The elf’s throat had been brutally cut. Wisp sets out to solve the murder not realizing he is to play an integral part in solving the mystery.

Wisp meets Finn Redhaven, the lover of the murdered elf, Sammiel Thorn, and feels an immediate attraction to him. Wisp and Finn fall in love and discover a wealth of magical abilities enabled by their relationship. And, they are going to need all the help they can get to battle the evil that has descended on Edra.

As fantasy novels go, Wisp stands out to me in its originality and political intrigue. Ms. Park creates a world where love is considered to be one of the greatest powers of all. I enjoyed that the two main characters were male and embraced their love and desire for each other, which was a refreshing approach to solving a mystery in a magical land. The reader discovers along with Wisp the extent of his abilities which I anticipate will increase over time.

I’ve added Wisp to my list of favorite fantasy novels. I loved the story and the characters. The ending is a cliffhanger, and I can’t wait for the next volume to find out what happens to Wisp and Finn. Hopefully, Ms. Park won’t keep us in suspense for long

Read the reviews and buy the book:

Adele will be sharing an excerpt from Wisp for her book reading after her interview

Now it is time to ask Adele about her life and the inspirations behind her writing. This is also your opportunity to ask Adele your questions and please leave them in the comments section of the post.

Welcome Adele and perhaps we could start with which book in your opinion is the best you’ve ever read?

I chose this question because Becca and I were discussing it at breakfast the other day. At the moment I choose Dream catcher by Stephen King. When I read Stephen King it is like coming home to a warm welcome. This book in particular gripped me with terror, tenderness for the characters, especially Duddits and awe for the amazing plot and writing. I still use the catchphrase “I duddits.” when I accomplish something difficult. Now that’s taking something great away from a wonderful book.

If one of your books was selected to be made into a film; who would you like to play your main character and why?

I have written a novella about shape shifters. It was for a competition but due to life circumstances I missed the deadline. So it is now a novel waiting for the dreaded edit. It’s called “The Return”. I would love Takeshi Kaneshiro the talented Japanese actor to play the main character. I love his work but also when I was describing the character his face popped into my head and stayed there. He would bring the necessary softness but also the hard edge that the character has.

Do you have a dream that is waiting to be fulfilled?

Yes several. The one that springs to mind though, is to publish the first novel I started to write. It is called “Suleskerry” and deals with subjects dear to my heart. Selkies who can shape shift into human form, my home Rousay, which I miss very much, friendship and how far the characters will go for that friendship. Love and rescuing bright flames of love which have been stomped on, abused yet still shine. It also deals with demons, invasions, battles and a ride across America in an old VW van with a Dineh, Navajo, shaman, his nephew and niece, Daniel my main human character and Kieran, the main selkie character. They travel from Window Rock to Alaska and along the way there are some comical scenes, poignant ones and tear jerking ones. These books have been nearly 30 years in writing and have taken me through some hellish times in my own life to the peace and happiness I now have.

You sound as if you had a childhood rich in myths and legends. Can you tell us more about Selkies?

I most certainly can, Sally. Selkies are grey seals. They can come ashore and take off their seal skins to become human. Male and female. They are said to be so beautiful that no one human can resist them. In legend this has caused much trouble for both human and selkie. Often the human will steal away the skin of the selkie which is a way to trap them. They settle down to become good wives and husbands but as soon as they find their skin, they are off back to their home. There are supposed to be many children born from such unions and perhaps a few still have webbed feet and hands. There was talk of a woman in Nairn, a small village on the east coast of Scotland, who had a flipper instead of a foot on one leg. This was told last century so although, Nairn, is very close to where I now live, I have never met her.

Of all the legends you grew up listening to which was the one that really stays in your mind today?

The selkie that did no forget. This is supposed to be a true story but again it is years old and the teller was an old man when he told me. Some islands would never kill a seal. Rousay was one of these. A fisherman was out in his boat one day when he heard a terrible wailing like a child and a mother in distress. He rowed until he came upon a heart breaking scene. A little selkie pup was stuck on the land while it’s mother was crying to her baby to come to her. The fisherman was a kind hearted man and he wrapped the seal pup up in his coat and took him back out to his mother. He said that the mother looked at him with eyes that saw into his soul and the tears were fresh on her face.

Later that year he was out in his boat again when a fierce storm blew in and he was stranded near Suleskerry, dangerous jagged rocks. He was about to give up hope when a selkie came swimming through the water towards him. The selkie looked at him and he recognised the mother. She bade him put his arms around her neck and she swam with him to the shore and safety.

That legend or true tale, was one which influenced the series of novels called Suleskerry.

Can you tell us more about Visual Kei music from Japan?

This genre of music is influenced by Japanese opera, western rock music and the androgyny culture of Japan. It was pioneered by early bands like X Japan and Buck Tick in the 80s and the movement grew in strength until western girls and boys found it and took it to their hearts. It has a lot to do with fashion as well. From the gothic Lolita look to the steam punk and anime looks. It blossomed with the advent of the internet and you tube. Being a goth, I took to Visual Kei easily. I also loved Japanese culture so it was a wonderful mix for me. I have shared a video of one of my favourite bands so that you can all get a sense of what it is about.

Adele has chosen an excerpt from Wisp for her book reading.

Chapter Five

As Finn talked, the hut became darker and Wisp began to get a clearer picture of Sammiel Thorn, one wildly different from that his mother painted. Finn and Sammiel had met during a riot in the circle. It had been a ruse, so the underground criminal gangs could move something through undetected.

Finn and Sammiel had hidden in the back of a stall. They had found common interests and by the time the coast was clear, they had made plans to help the innocent denizens of the circle and had fallen in love.

“Sammiel`s family hated me. I am a poor mage to them, but it wasn’t just that. You know my family’s rep for getting involved in things that go public?”

Wisp scanned his memories quickly. “Yes. The last one was a child smuggling ring. Your family helped bust it wide open. Well done.”

“Sammiel deified his family, and we continued our relationship and our work. He was passionate about making everyone equal. So passionate. I think, no, I know, Law Enforcer, it got him killed. Look.” Finn had moved off the bed so quickly, Wisp nearly fell off his crate.

He returned just as quickly and held out a blank piece of paper. “The words were written magically, so there’s no trace of writing to give away identity. Here use this.” Finn gave him a device, a glass circle mounted in brass. “It’s a mage`s seeing eye. Use it.”

Wisp put the cold metal device to his eye, and it sent out brass legs to clamp round his head. The initial shock terrified him, but he kept looking at the paper. Letters began to appear slowly and as he read them, another piece of the puzzle jumped out to tantalise and confuse him.

Sammiel Thorn is dead, executed as befits his station. Meddle in my affairs further and you, Finn Redhaven, will also be killed, as befits your status. I will throw you alive to the hounds.

“The parchment came with this.” Finn gave Wisp a simple gold ring. “Sammiel would never have given up this ring if he was alive. That’s how I knew the words were true. I gave him this ring sealed with my blood as a symbol of our love.” He started to cry.

Without thinking, Wisp placed a comforting hand on his knee as he continued to stare at the paper.

“Finn was with his family the day of the murder.” The soft voice came from the shadows. A huge wolf sat at Wisp’s side and stared at him with the same green eyes as Finn. “His sisters, his mother and all of us will confirm it, and as you know, Law Enforcer, a familiar`s word is binding.”

“I received this parchment when I came to meet Sammiel here,” Finn said. “He said he had news for me. We are- were, looking at how the drug Starlight was getting into the circle.”

Starlight? Wisp grimaced. A nasty drug that causes instant addiction, and users need a higher does every time to repeat the euphoria of the first hit. “Dammit. That shit comes from Finah and makes slaves of its users. You say you found out more was coming in?” Finn wiped his eyes dry, again.

“Yep. Our contact was a goblin, a nasty looking bastard, but in his heart he really cares about his people, circle people.”

“Perhaps Sammiel uncovered the source of the drug. What a mess.”

“You think?” Sarcasm laced Finn’s statement, making Wisp laugh like a lunatic. He left the hut with Finn`s address. He had a feeling that he would be in touch, very soon.

Adele is also a contributor to three anthologies which are available through her Amazon author page:

Connect to Adele through her website and social media.


Thank you for dropping in today and please do ask your own questions and put them in the comments section of the post. It is your opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of my guests and over the last few weeks it has proved to be a very interesting addition to the interviews.

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  2. I love the tales of the selkies from your childhood home, Adele. How wonderful to live in a place that is so imbued with magic. I hope you get to work on your Suleskerry book soon. It sounds wonderful. What’s your timing on your second Wisp book?

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  3. Such a pleasure to learn more about Adele and her work, Sally. Thank you 💜

    I love your writing, Adele, and Wisp is on my TBR. I know you have second sight and your uncle was very supportive of your gift. Are you outspoken about what you “see” to people you’re not close to; and if so, how do you deal with skeptical reactions?

    Love and hugs to both of you 💜💜

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  4. A spectacular interview with Adele, Sal. Adele you’re stories are so fascinating. With your rich history of myths and legends, I suspect there will be many more books coming from you. And, I loved the touching story about the Selkie and the fisherman. ❤ xoxo Hugs to both of you.

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