Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 6th April 2017 – Sue Coletta, #BloggersBash, Alexis Rose and Anne Stormont

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the daily selection of blog posts I wanted to share with you. And the first today is from Sue Coletta who is a crime thriller writer and who shares her extensive knowledge of forensics and police procedures in her books Crime Writer’s Research and 60 Ways to Murder your characters.

Books are available via Sue’s author page:

In this post Sue takes us through the stages that follow death….all about Mortis 

Once the heart stops beating, whether due to homicide or natural causes, the body enters the first stage of death. Blood drains from the capillaries to the larger veins in the parts of the body, closest to the ground. This process is called livor mortis (embalmers call it “postmortem stain”). The overall skin, once pink and full of color due to oxygen-laden blood, is now pallid, except for deep purplish-red bands where the corpse touches the ground. Think gravity.

Livor Mortis

At the livor mortis stage, the blood is “unfixed.” Meaning, a killer could throw off police by posing the victim, causing different lividity patterns. Livor mortis peaks at eight to twelve hours after death. This is when the lividity patterns are the most pronounced.

Read the rest of this guide for crime writers:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

It won’t be long now until the Bloggers Bash in London on June 10th.. I have my ticket.. have you got yours?  Sacha Black with a reminder and a link to buy your tickets.

Two months and five days.

That’s exactly how long it is until the best blogging event of the year opens its doors to lots of lovely bloggers from all over the UK and beyond.

The Bloggers Bash, for anyone that doesn’t know (and where on earth have you been if you don’t), is an annual event for bloggers. It’s a physical meet up in London, England and it’s open to any blogger from any platform, in any country. There will be speakers, awards, a debate panel, lots of laughs and great conversation – what more could any blogger want?

This year, it is being held at the Wellington Suite in the Grange Wellington Hotel. 71 Vincent Square, Westminster, London SW1P 2PA on Saturday 10th June 2017.

There’s only three things that you will need to be allowed in:

Read the rest of the requirements – basically have a ticket, comply with health and safety and hug Hugh:


The next post is from Alexis Rose the author of her memoir Untangled.   Alexis repressed the memories of her past until a family tragedy forced her to face what her life had been. A history of abuse, torture, and threats to maintain her silence or be killed could no longer be denied. In this post Alexis writes about the issue facing anyone suffering from PTSD or any mental illness that does not present itself physically.

Many of us deal with an invisible illness (physical, emotional, mental), we don’t look sick!

Typically, if we are out and about or even within our own family, if we see or know someone that looks outwardly ill or has a visible disability, hopefully, we feel compassion, give them space, and help them, usually without thought or frustration. Our very human nature is that if we can see it, it exists.

Sometimes, out of pure surprise, when people find out I have PTSD, they say, “Really, Wow, you don’t look sick.” I don’t take offense to it because it is a natural thought. It’s not coming from a place of dismissal, or maliciousness. But, I do take offense when the next words are, “Can’t you just get over it?” There is something about those six little words that rub me wrong. I had a doctor say to me once, “You look fine, you survived, can’t you just get over it?” Strange, coming from a physicians mouth, and I’m smart enough to never go back to that person again, but, whoa, that stopped me in my tracks. I looked at her, and asked, “Did you really just say that?”

Read the rest of this important post by Alexis:

And last but not least a book review from author Anne Stormant who has set herself the task of reading and reviewing 26 books in 2017.

Under the Spanish Stars by Alli Sinclair – enjoyable, escapist romance with plenty of depth and intrigue.

Book number seven in the 26-books-in 52-weeks challenge has to be a book written by a woman. So, as with the book six specification of a book by a male author, it’s a wide field to choose from.

My fiction choices come mainly from the contemporary and crime genres and both male and female authors are on my favourites list. But choosing just one – of either gender – has proved difficult.

So I decided that for this category (male and female) I’d choose an author who is new to me and in a genre I wouldn’t normally read.

Hence I’m going for the romantic novel Under the Spanish Stars by Alli Sinclair as my Book Seven.

Read the rest of Anne’s review:


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  2. Nice picks Sal! It was a bit gross reading Sue’s post, but still fascinating, lol. BTW, did you get my ticket for the bash? I don’t remember. I see it’s almost sold out and I’d hate to fly all that way to be shut out? Lol 🙂 xoxo

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