Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 7th April 2017 – The Tiny Potager, Olga Nunez Miret, Lucinda Clarke and Jessica Norrie.

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I cannot believe that it is Easter next week and of course it is the school holidays as well which is fine if the weather is good and you can take the time off too.  This first post by The Tiny Potager brought back memories… I worked in Ulverston for about three years in the Lake District and David I would also go up there often when we lived in Liverpool and Southport. Fantastic recreation for all ages but some of the easier fell walks and climbs are great for children. Hopefully Easter will be warm enought to take advantage.

In 2016, the summer weather seemed endless, and we were still able to camp in the Lakes in late September. When the skies are this clear and blue in autumn, it’s time to get up into the mountains.

A quick pause on our drive towards the mountain, and we’re able to point out to the children where they will be climbing – Coniston Old Man.

To climb this fell with very young children, we recommend parking at the disused mine, part way up the mountain – because the alternative is to walk up from the village for thirty minutes before starting your climb, which is tough on little legs. This is the view from the carpark, and it only gets better from this point on…

See the photos and enjoy the Lake District:

Next is one of Olga Nunez Miret’s book reviews. Olga reviews books from a number of perspectives and when you have finished reading it there is usually little doubt in your mind as to whether you will read the book or not. Always constuctive and worth reading as an example of how to review a book.

Mad or Bad. Crime and Insanity in Victorian England by David J. Vaughan

In a violent 19th century, desperate attempts by the alienists – a new wave of ‘mad-doctor’ – brought the insanity plea into Victorian courts. Defining psychological conditions in an attempt at acquittal, they faced ridicule, obstruction – even professional ruin – as they strove for acceptance and struggled for change. It left ‘mad people’ hanged for offenses they could not remember, and ‘bad’ people freed on unscrupulous pleas.

Written in accessible language, this book – unlike any before it – retells twenty-five cases, from the renowned to obscure, including an attempt to murder a bemused Queen Victoria; the poisoner Dove and the much-feared magician; the king’s former wet-nurse who slaughtered six children; the worst serial killer in Britain…and more.

A Who’s Who introduces the principal players – lifesaving medics, like Maudsley and Bucknill; intransigent lawyers like Bramwell and Parke., while a convenient Glossary of ‘terms and conditions’: ranging from ‘Insane on Arraignment’ to Her Majesty’s Pleasure, ‘Ticket of Leave’ to ‘Burden of Proof’, helps to explain the outcomes of the cases.

Read the rest of the blurb and Olga’s review:

Lucinda E. Clarke welcomed children’s author Aaron Marshall yesterday who shares his life with superpowers….

This is the first time I’ve featured an author who writes for children, possibly the hardest readers to please – they know what they like and are not afraid to voice their opinions loud and clear! But it’s the parents and grannies who buy the books, so why not take a look at Aaron’s work after reading what he has to say:-

Hi. I’m Aaron. I love adventures – especially adventures with my dazzling wife and 3 curious kids, exploring California’s coastline.

I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades teaching, bagging graduate degrees in Philosophy and Education. My day jobs still allow me to teach, lead overseas trips, and work at a zoo. No matter what a particular day holds, I want to be a little more heroic when the sun sets.

Find out more about Aaron and his book:

Jessica Norrie

But last but not least Jessica Norrie is a regular Friday contributor to the Blogger Daily and today she celebrates her first blog anniversary with some terrific giveaways.. including two print copies of The Infinity Pool

The kindle version of the book is also on offer at 99p from midnight Saturday until April 14th.

Jessica also takes the opportunity to pass on The Blogger Recognition Award to 17 very worthy winners.

I didn’t know the word “blogiversary” existed last year, and now I’m having one myself! Strictly speaking my first post went up on April 9th 2016, but since then I’ve established a pattern of book and writing related blogging every Friday. This is the closest Friday, so I hope you’ll join my celebration by entering my draw for one of four giveaways:

Find out about the giveaways and the award nominees:

Thanks for popping in and please feel free to share.. I hope you enjoy this small selection and the Blogger Daily will be back on Monday.. If you wish you can leave a link to your latest blog post in the comments. thanks Sally

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