Music that Means Something Challenge – Day 3 – A Woman in Love – Barbra Streisand

Sue Vincent kindly nominated me for this challenge.  Music that Means Something to You which entails posting a song a day with the reasons behind your choice… this might include the lyrics or the style of music or perhaps an event that this piece reminds you of.

To read how it should be done here is Sue’s Day 1 – with the music and profound lyrics of Leonard Cohen.

The rules of the challenge are simple:
Post a song a day for five consecutive days.
Post what the lyrics mean to you. (Optional)
Post the name of the song and a video.
Nominate 1 or 2 bloggers each day of the challenge.

Today I nominate D.G Kaye (Debby Gies) who I hope might be able to find time to share at least one or two posts on music that means a great deal to her. We share similar tastes across a number of areas and I suspect that we also share some tunes too. Here is one of Debby’s latest blog posts

The twist in the challenge is that the lyrics should mean something….

Luckily for me I had actually posted a musical memory every week for a year which means that I have 52 of my favourite tracks and artists to choose from for this five day challenge.

As Frank Sinatra would say, 1980 for me was a very good year… I was happy in my job, had a whole bunch of new friends in the area, loved my job as the assistant manager Bontddu Hall near Dolgellau in Wales and on April 1st my divorce was finalised.  An auspicious day if ever there was one.

It had taken me three years and my savings to get over this time in my life but it had been worth it. I was now 27 years old and as I held that precious piece of paper with the words Decree Absolute in bold print emblazoned across it; I vowed that I would never marry again! You know what they say about famous last words don’t you?

Anyway the second great event was that I took and passed my driving test. I had begun driving at age 17 and had several lessons but then ran out of money.

After living midway between Barmouth and Dolgellau for over a year and having walked myself down to a size 10; I decided that I should book some more lessons and take the test. I signed up with Mr. Evans in Dolgellau who would pick me up in his mini in the middle of the afternoon during my couple of hours off.

I have never regretted those lessons on narrow Welsh roads as they have stood me in good stead when driving in various countries and terrains around the world. However, there was one slight problem at that time in my local area…No traffic lights and no roundabouts. Road works were useful for practice but we had to drive 30 miles north of Dolgellau to find a roundabout. We would go around and around this damn thing for about ten minutes before heading back before the lesson finished.

I was very lucky to have met a wonderful friend called Joan who was a district nurse and used her own car for work. On my day off she would let me drive and we travelled the length and breadth of North Wales, up and down mountains to give me as much practice as possible. That August I passed my test in Machynlleth despite stalling at … You guessed it… Traffic lights.

sally wedding day 1980Rightly chuffed with my achievement I set about putting away a little each week towards a car… But of course fate was about to take a hand in my life yet again.

In the first week in September I took a call in reception for a booking for two single rooms with arrival on September 16th for two weeks. I thought at the time that the caller, a Mr. David Cronin, had a lovely Irish accent and when I had booked the rooms and put the telephone down, I turned to one of the receptionists on duty and said jokingly; ‘What a lovely voice, I think I will marry him.’

On the day that Mr. Cronin was due to arrive I had a few extra hours off as I had been filling in for the said receptionist who was off for a week at a family wedding. I came on duty at 6.30 p.m. in my long dress to carry out my evening duties, which were to accompany our guests to their table in the dining-room, and then ensure that they were happy with their meals etc throughout the evening.

Put it this way; I was not disappointed when I met the owner of the voice on the end of the phone for the first time and escorted him to the best table!

For the next two weeks our paths crossed several times and I arranged some business meetings and meals for Mr. Cronin. His room, Number 40, was at the top of the flight of stairs on the first landing and as I checked the hotel before locking up for the night, I would pass by and see a light under the door and wonder about this very nice man.

On the night before he was due to check out, he approached me and asked if, when I finished for the evening, I could meet him for a drink in the Blue Lounge, which intrigued I did. We chatted and completed the Telegraph cryptic crossword whilst enjoying an excellent whisky and water before he handed me a small packet. He said it was a thank you for arranging his meetings so efficiently.

It was a Celtic pendant on a silver chain with a small note in the box… For going beyond the call of duty. Best wishes David Cronin.

I obviously thanked him and was very sad that he would be leaving the next day and  that I would be unlikely to see him again. But he continued to surprise me by asking me out for lunch the following day; when I would be off duty until the evening. Of course I accepted and he booked himself in for a further night rather than travel back to Liverpool. It was at this point that I began calling him David rather than Mr. Cronin.

We had lunch and walked along Harlech beach where they were making a film at the time. As we chatted, stuntmen thundered past dressed in Arab costumes on fiery stallions, kicking up the sand. Talk about romantic.

After work that evening we met up again and talked for a long time. The next morning as we prepared to say goodbye, David simply said… I think there is only one thing for us… Will you marry me?

That was September 29th and we moved in to a small holiday flat together when the hotel closed on October 5th and we were married in Dolgellau registry office five weeks later on November 15th 1980.

sally wedding day 1980

See what I mean about famous last words!!

Of all the songs that year I know that the song that held the most significance for me was Woman in Love by Barbra Streisand. For me love had been very challenging and I had no idea that day in September in 1980 that a voice at the end of the telephone would change my world forever.

Buy A Woman in Love:

Thank you for dropping in to share this challenge with me.  Here are the previous days.

58 thoughts on “Music that Means Something Challenge – Day 3 – A Woman in Love – Barbra Streisand

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  2. Sal I hope you two had a beautiful day! I remember well about ‘Room 40’ in ‘Just an Odd Job Girl!’ I knew it was you all along, lol. Congratulations on your love story and thrilled to hear the romance is still there! Happy Anniversary Sally and David. xoxo ❤

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  3. Sal, I bet a lot of people at the time thought your marriage wouldn’t last. Wonder what they’re thinking now . . . Having a 36th wedding anniversary in a new home must be a thrill. So happy for you. May there be many many more ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are right Tina.. there was definitely some sharp intakes of breath… And yes it is lovely not to have the worry and stress and to be settled.. I also found a little surprise when unpacking yesterday.. My mother had a small double frame that she had put two of our wedding photos in.. I decided that the frame was getting a bit tatty so took the photos out only to find that there was a slightly torn folded postcard sized black and white photo of a small little girl. On the back it said..My lovely Molly aged 1 year and 9 months. 1918.. 8 months after my grandfather was killed. It is a photo that has been hidden for at least 40 years and none of the family had ever seen before.. We will restore and let everyone have a copy..♥♥

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  6. Lol, I went to ‘like’ and noticed I had already done so, and remembered this post. Well, thanks for nominating Sal, and indeed we have much in common. Interesting you chose my idol, Babs for your song choice in this post too. I love your love story and your intuition, thinking you’d want to marry that man for his kind voice. Dreams do come true!
    I’ll be accepting your challenge, along with Sue’s nomination for me too. I will post a double header of 2 songs. Thanks for thinking of me. ❤ 🙂 xx

    Liked by 2 people

      • I know all about the time factor Sal. I’ve been on a tear since my return, doing interview invites, drafting my guest authors and book reviews, in between double holidays and many Dr. appointments. I’m stealing time and doing my best. I still don’t know how you manage you wizard!!!! Huge hugs! Gratefully, I had heads up from you, so I’ll be posting mine tomorrow. ❤ xxxxxxx

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      • Yep. It’s just lovely though that you knew. There is something in that isn’t there? I mean I met my Mr and the little voice said you will marry him. He was with someone else, I had stepped opposite him at the last minute in a play after someone took ill and I was needing something to do after my fiancé walked out. I told that voice it was being utterly ridiculous. But there. While I may write in a genre I never really chose, I do like trying to get that first ‘bit’ between a couple even if they can’t see it because it is something else. Look how whirlwind this was for you and yet you are still there x

        Liked by 2 people

      • I think you are spot on Sally. I remember reading something about that years ago, all to do with how people match up in essence. So this business of ‘clicking’ is not just a saying. It’s a subconscious registering.

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  7. What a wonderful story Sally. I am absolutely convinced something or someone watches over us and that everything happens for a reason…. your lovely tale of how you and David met just confirms that for me… Of all the people in the world, you meet your soulmate (literally your other half) in a place you both come to directed by what… fate? destiny? There is no room for coincidence. The photographs are beautiful too. You remind me of my cousin Paula so much sitting on that car. And you look radiant at your wedding, while David looks like the cat who got the cream. And who can blame him.

    Liked by 2 people

    • People talk about guardian angels and it is tempting to dismiss it as fantasy but I know there have been times when I have been about to do something monumentally stupid and there has been almost tap on the shoulder. I swear to this day that when David asked me to marry him after that first date someone else said yes immediately before I could open my mouth!! xx


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  9. A lovely, romantic story, Sally, I can totally understand how you can be attracted to someone by their voice. How wonderful that the rest of him appealed to you too!! Happy anniversary to you both, and I hope you have many more happy years together.
    I bought this record too, when it came out. Barbra Streisand has such a gorgeous voice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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