Smorgasbord Blogger Daily 12th April 2017 – Paul Andruss, Anne R. Allen, David Prosser and Carol Taylor

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Blogger Daily and already this week has produced some stunning blog posts. Feel free to leave your links to your most recent post in the comments section of the blog so we can all share.

Finn Mac Cool

There is a wonderful blog challenge going on this week Music that Means Something and several of us are participating. I nominated Paul Andruss and his first response to the challenge is wonderful. Featuring the talented, quirky and innovative Penquin Cafe Orchestra with some snippets from their performances. Well worth visiting and even if not nominated you could throw your hat in the ring and have five days of music that means something to you. Paul is the guest today for the Book Reading at the Cafe and is taking questions from the audience in the comments section of the post.

Penguin Café Orchestra was founded by classically trained multi-instrumentalist Simon Jeffes. He wanted to produce an avant-garde melange of world rhythms combined with the discipline of classical chamber music (Oscar Tango) and experimental forms such as:

The tape recorded sounds of Musique Concrete (Telephone and Rubber Band)

Erik Satie’s repetitive furniture music (Numbers 1-4)

The abstract soundscapes of Karl Stockhausen (Wildlife)


The minimalism of John Cage, (Cage Dead) whose influence can be heard in the pulsing bass drone of many tracks. A technique successfully used by another of his students John Cale in his work with the early Velvet Underground.

Read more about and listen to the amazing music of the Penquin Cafe Orchestra:

I am afraid that I am not one to sign up for newsletters or emails and will by pass on following a blog if I have to give my email to comment, like or follow.  I work with social media and the blogs I follow and if they have connected their posts to all of them I pick up the news just fine. I also do not have hundreds of emails daily and I always recommend that people do not sign up to receive notifications from me either. That will not work for everyone but Anne R. Allen lays out a very compelling and interesting post on the subject of Newletter vs. Blog… I recommend.

Author Newsletter vs. Author Blog: Five Reasons I Prefer a Blog, and Six Reasons You Might Not

“The one with the biggest email list wins” is the current mantra of pretty much every book marketer on the planet. The author newsletter is supposed to be the most important weapon in your book marketing arsenal.

Marketing experts tell authors their #1 goal should be to collect as many email addresses as possible for the purpose of sending our victims fans weekly or even daily doses of our spam news.

This week Kristine Katherine Rusch wrote a great in-depth post on newsletters. She pointed out there are two types of newsletters that authors are using today: the old school, chatty letter that reads like the newsy Christmas letter you get from Aunt Susie. Those newsletters appeal to your established fans who know your characters, and want to know what’s coming up and what’s going on with you personally.

Then there’s the newer type of newsletter which is like an advertising circular that aims at getting new customers. It’s all about marketing.

Read the rest of this very useful book promoting post:

We seem to feature quite a few canine companions around here such as Sue Vincent’s Ani and Andrew Joyce’s Danny, but apart from Zoe the fabulous feline not many cats.. To make up for that her is Oscar who belongs to the Long Legs Lord David Prosser and who found himself in a bit of trouble down at the local pub.

For once I have to admit what happened was my own fault. I’d been catnapping most of the bright time and only realised I hadn’t been out to take my exercise until the dark time had almost come. I roused myself, stretched and wandered through to see what I’d been given to eat. It was beef, and though I normally enjoy beef it just wasn’t what I wanted today. So I wandered in to say hello to my ‘The Him’ and My ‘The Her’ and perhaps show him a little of my displeasure that the meal I wanted wasn’t there. As it happened they were in the eating room and doing just that. It was chicken and I could smell the aroma as it tickled my nose.

 Read the rest of Oscar’s escapade:

The best recommendations for exotic places to travel to come from those who actually live there all year around. Carol Taylor lives in Thailand and apart from some wonderful recipes she also shares some of the amazing places to visit. So if going to Thailand is on your agenda I would make sure you are following Carol and making notes.

Wat Pa Phu Kon, Issan, Northern Thailand

Standing proud on top of a hill in 400 acres of lush green fields and forests surrounded by other hills is this beautiful little known temple, unless you have a Thai connection or live in Issan many people are not aware that it even exists. It has a stunning aqua blue roof and literally sparkles in the sunlight and the blue of the roof reflect of the blue sky so there this is shimmering bright blue aura around the temple, it is sight to behold.

See the photographs and get the details:

I hope you have enjoyed this small selection of posts I have enjoyed today. Please feel free to leave a link to your latest post in the comments.  thanks Sally


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