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I have been checking on the authors in the Cafe and Bookstore and their reviews particularly for previous books. It is very important to keep older books in the spotlight as there is a new and growing audience every day who need to be introduced to them.  It is also useful if you are bringing out a new book in the next few months to keep work in front of your previous readers.

That being the case take a look at some of your other work and let me have the link to its most recent great review and I will showcase here.

Here is a perfect example. Savvy Stories – Funny things I learned from my daughter by Dan Alatorre was published in paperback and has received over 50 great reviews.

About the book

A funny look at childhood’s lost, magical moments, viewed through the heart of a father Every kid does funny stuff, whether it’s asking innocent questions out loud to strangers (“Is that his butt?”) or a toddler attempting to play hopscotch on the paver stones of the mall sidewalk while you’re trying to rush to a store, a baby wanting to see how many toys will float in the dog’s water dish, or a kid constantly asking to play with the “pad” – until you realize you’ve been saying “We’ll play with my iPad later” translates as “We’ll play with my pad later” to a kid…

We’ve all been there. These are the many funny little moments that happen between me and my child – or between you and your child – that happen a thousand times a day, and we laugh and move on, too busy to really take note and too small to remember, but if we could only write them down what a funny little basket of memories we would have. My kid is probably no funnier than yours. It just all happens so fast that we wonder where the time went, so I tried my best to write some of it down. I hope you enjoy it, and that it brings back some sweet memories for you that you had forgotten about.

I loved this book! It is perfect for any parent out there! I found it easy to follow and interesting to read, although the little girl is my son’s best friend so this also makes it more exciting to read! I was hooked from the first page and was reading it every moment I got free! It’s always nice to know the things you think about or experience, other parents think about or experience as well. This is about a father’s view on his little girl’s birth and beyond. The troubles and experiences and the love for his daughter and wife. It is better then a chick flick movie, as it’s a real experience and real love! It brought smiles and some parts tears!

Don’t want to give away anything, but I found it addicting to read and could relate to things and others put me in WOW what a scary moment! Having six children myself, I love reading about other’s stories and things, but having a guy’s side of view was really cool. Also made me wish I had recorded more of my children then I did! Michele is a very blessed woman to have such a wonderful daughter and husband and to have everything recorded/journal of the moments you never want to forget!!

I found this book very addicting and very well written. I am in the process of reading more books by Dan Alatorre! Great author and Beyond Awesome book!!

Highly recommend this book to any parent or parent to be! Especially first time mom’s and dad’s would really enjoy this.

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A selection of books by Dan Alatorre

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Next is the book released by Carol Balawyder in January 2016 –  Not By Design: A Getting to Mr. Right Series

About the book

In a life turned upside down, Felicity finds joy is sometimes just around the corner.

Ever since she first appeared in Getting To Mr. Right, Felicity Starr has been struggling to find her own kind of contentment. Now, at thirty-five and living in Rome, Felicity is about to break into the world of fashion design, and caught in a flurry of plans for her wedding when calamity strikes.
Her father’s sudden death brings into question the whole meaning of success. Then Marco, the man she’s about to marry, leaves her when he learns of her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.
Forced to return to Montreal, Felicity finds her life thrust into unexpected turns. As she confronts the on-going challenges presented by her disease, she gains the strength to let go of old beliefs and face her inner truths.

Love, friendship and rewarding work come in different forms and Felicity finds it all in way

Not by Design Works on September 2, 2016

“Not by Design” is the latest offering from multi-published women’s fiction author Carol Balawyder. It is a sequel to “Getting to Mr. Right,” which you should read if you haven’t. “Getting to Mr. Right” is the story of four women who meet at a support group (the focus of which is women who have men/father issues) and form lasting, sincere friendships.

“Not by Design” is Felicity Starr’s story. She is one of the women in the support group, and she has it all—looks, youth, a rich father, talent, true-heart friends and the love of a handsome, successful man. She is living a fairy tale life in France, studying art and pursuing a career in art, while enjoying an active social/love life. But even fairy tales are wrought with obstacles and that’s exactly what our heroine encounters—one setback after another. There’s the death of her father, a dwindling bank account which brings on financial woes, an art career that has stalled, and the painful decision to end her relationship with her fiancé and call off the wedding. But that’s not all. The biggest blow of all—a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With all this dumped on her, Felicity makes the hard decision to release her dream of being an artist and living in France. She returns home to Canada to try and piece a life together.

The move back home is met with more bitterness. She fights to recover her reputation in the work world. She has disagreements with her mother and step-mother. She gambles on several romantic interests and loses. And, she must make a slew of difficult choices in regard to her living arrangements and medical treatment, decisions made more difficult because of her limited funds. One wonders if Felicity will ever catch a break when…help arrives. At the strong suggestion of her doctor, she attends a MS support group meeting and finds the support and acceptance she so desperately needs. With the encouragement of the group, she shares her medical condition with her friends, who surround her with love, care and acceptance. The end of the story details the good life Felicity has finally secured. No, it’s not the one she would have designed for herself, but it works. She’s happy.

This is a story that will take you low on the scale of human emotions and then pick you up. You will feel despair, then happiness; fear, then joy. This emotional seesaw is achieved in part by the story’s conflict—dreams and desire versus medical and financial worries, a situation many readers may relate to. I certainly did. And then there’s the overall story question: are we willing to release our version of our dream or life in exchange for an uncertain version? This is the question Felicity struggles with throughout the story but I dare say it is one many readers struggle with as well.

There are many things to appreciate about this story. It is inspiring, well written and has relatable characters. But the one aspect I appreciated the most was the focus on MS. Reading about the symptoms, the various treatments, the expense, and how it requires life adjustments was a real education. Thank you Carol for that.

I finished reading the book and shut down my e-reader thinking, I can’t wait to read the remaining sequel. The other three—“Café Paradise,” “Missi’s Dating Adventures” and “Not by Design”—have been purely enjoyable. Check ‘em out and see for yourself.

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Also by Carol Balawyder

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Air your Reviews is open to authors and book reviewers in the bookstore or not.  But if you would like to be in the bookstore then take a look at the post above for details and I will do a full promotion for your first post.


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  2. Wonderful post about these talented authors. Looks like I have some more books to add to my groaning TBR list. Congrats to Dan and Carol for their lovely books! Thanks to you, Sally, for your fabulous blog and support of all authors and their work! ❤ xx 🤗

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