Easter Eggheads – a literary quiz

Jessica Norrie has a terrific literary quiz for you this week.. there is more than a few that have me stumped… will have to hit Google.. If you find that you have run out of chocolate and have time on your hands this weekend.. this will reactivate your brain cells.. #recommended.

Words and Fictions

Eggs 7It’s Easter Bank Holiday so what better time for a quiz – questions are in rough chronological order of publication. I hope you’ll recognise our sacrifice here at Blogger Towers, where although our waistlines had decided against Easter eggs and Simnel cake we’ve now bought them purely for illustration purposes. I’ll post the answers next week, if anyone cares:

  1. Who printed a story in which a “good wyf” from Southern England thought a merchant from the North was speaking French, because he asked for eggys which she knew as eyren?
  2. Who shouts: “What, you egg! […] Young fry of treachery!” and what is he doing to whom as he shouts it?
  3. Which Shakespearean hero shares his name with a famous egg dish?
  4. Who rode westward on Good Friday 1613?
  5. Who met Mephistopheles when on an Easter walk with Wagner?
  6. At the beginning of which children’s story from 1854 is the King…

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5 thoughts on “Easter Eggheads – a literary quiz

  1. Well I got the second one there cos in another life I once played Lady Macduff and the guy who had that line used to mix it up every night. I can still see him standing at the foot of the spiral staircase with that,, ‘shit I just corpsed this again,’ look on his face as, he said ‘What, you fry. Young egg of treachery,’ and I tried to look terrified…..

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