Music that Means Something Challenge Day 5 – Happy – Pharrell Williams

Sue Vincent kindly nominated me for this challenge.  Music that Means Something to You which entails posting a song a day with the reasons behind your choice… this might include the lyrics or the style of music or perhaps an event that this piece reminds you of.

To read how it should be done here is Sue’s Day 1 – with the music and profound lyrics of Leonard Cohen.

The rules of the challenge are simple:
Post a song a day for five consecutive days.
Post what the lyrics mean to you. (Optional)
Post the name of the song and a video.
Nominate 1 or 2 bloggers each day of the challenge.

Today I nominate any of you who would like to participate in this challenge. It has been a delightful walk down memory lane for me and has brought me to the final song that I feel most sums up how I feel today.

The twist in the challenge is that the lyrics should mean something….

Today marks the actual one year anniversary of our return to Ireland. We bought our home in the mountains above Madrid in November 1999 although it would be three years before I would join David there full time. We had a wonderful life with amazing friends and a lifestyle that was filled with sunshine, great food and a rich culture.

However, you get to a certain age when you feel that it is time to go home.  We had some amazing friends in Madrid that will always be in our hearts. However, you also yearn to be with family that you share a culture, humour, history with and where if something should go wrong you are speaking your own language!! David has a large family dotted around the Dublin area and my two sisters are only a 45 minute flight away in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK.

We have met lovely people since we moved into our new home in June last year and we are only a stone’s throw from the beaches and miles of wonderful coastline. We still have some work to do in the gardens but we have time. I am sitting here in my office preparing the last of these music challenges and I have been listening to the tracks on my iPod that holds hundreds of songs that all mean something to me.

However, there is probably only one song that sums up who I am today, where I am and who I am with.  Pharrell Williams – Happy – Dance along and I dare you not to smile!

Buy Happy by Pharrell Williams:

Thank you for joining me on this challenge and I hope that you will decide to complete too. The previous posts can be found here.

And a very Happy Easter to all of you – Make it a special one.




25 thoughts on “Music that Means Something Challenge Day 5 – Happy – Pharrell Williams

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  2. Perfect end to a perfect week. Coming home emotionally, spiritually and physically. and to be totally selfish I’m really glad you did. Love to you both over Easter. Your friend Paul X

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