Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Author Update – Amy M. Reade, S.C. Richmond and Regina Puckett

Welcome to the first of the author updates this week. This is an opportunity for authors on the shelves to share their news about great reviews, offers on their books and new releases. I do check on every author regularly but it does help if you drop me an email to keep me updated.. Help me showcase your work..

The first author today is Amy M. Reade and her recently released book The House on Candlewick Lane (A Malice Novel) published in February 2017 and already receiving excellent reviews.

About the book

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. Greer Dobbins’ daughter has been kidnapped—and spirited across the Atlantic to a hiding place in Scotland. Greer will do anything to find her, but the streets of Edinburgh hide a thousand secrets—including some she’d rather not face.

Art historian Dr. Greer Dobbins thought her ex-husband, Neill, had his gambling addiction under control. But in fact he was spiraling deeper and deeper into debt. When a group of shady lenders threatens to harm the divorced couple’s five-year-old daughter if he doesn’t pay up, a desperate Neill abducts the girl and flees to his native Scotland. Though the trail seems cold, Greer refuses to give up and embarks on a frantic search through the medieval alleys of Edinburgh—a city as beguiling as it is dangerous.

But as the nightmare thickens with cryptic messages and a mysterious attack, Greer herself will become a target, along with everyone she holds dear.

The House on Candlewick Lane” by Amy M. Reade immediately drew me in and made me wish I could read it cover to cover in one sitting. I really can’t say enough good things about the book. The characters are unique and well developed and I quickly came to care about them, especially the main character, Greer. The plot was intricate and kept me guessing to the very end. And the author’s descriptions of the setting in Scotland made me want to visit there.

If ever a book deserved five stars, this is it! I highly recommend “The House on Candlewick Lane.”

A great read! on February 7, 2017

The House On Candlewick Lane by Amy M Reade. Set in Scotland, Amy gives her reader a great look at the language and food of Scotland. One of my favorite things about Amy’s writing is the way she describes everything; From the characters, to the setting, to the plot! The reader gets to go along for the ride with the characters, in the streets and even in the kitchen! In addition, every chapter ends with a comment that pushes you on to the next chapter! This is an author you will want to get to know! And you will definitely get to do so in this story! She weaves herself through the pages beautifully.

Don’t stop at the end, there’s a glossary defining the many Scottish terms and teasers for her other books! And if you want to get to know Amy better click the link to the latest news about Amy M. Reade. Very Interesting! I don’t want to give anything away, I will just say that I would like to see this house on Candlewick Lane! And the cover… beautiful!

Read the reviews and buy the book:

Also by Amy M. Reade

Secrets of Hallstead House has over 370 reviews and the other books are also very well regarded. Buy the books:

Find out more about Amy Reade and connect via her website:

Another recent release at the end of the year is a collection of short stories In The Spotlight and other Stories by S.C. Richmond.

About the collection

A collection of short stories about human nature, covering all genres. Love, revenge, horror, magic, loneliness and imagination.

The Reviews

In the Spotlight & Other Stories is a foray into short story writing by S C Richmond. I enjoyed them immensely, in just one sitting. The plots twist and turn, and the genres are different enough from each other to make the book exciting to any fiction reader.
I’m hoping there will be more anthologies to follow from this up and coming author, although I loved both of her full length novels, this adds spice with variety to her repertoire.
It seems the author can’t go wrong. I would recommend this (and her other works) to any reader.  A fantastic read.

Fabulous By Glastonburypixi on 8 Feb. 2017

Brilliantly written short stories each one sending the reader through a variety of emotions and ending with a twist. I have read ‘The Community’ and ‘Pictures of deceit’ also by the very talented SC Richmond and I can honestly say they are amongst the few books that I would definitely read again. I’m very much looking forward to the next novel

Buy the collection:

Also by S.C. Richmond

Read the reviews and buy the books:

Find out about S.C. Richmond and connect via her blog:

The last update for the day is for author Regina Puckett and her book I Close My Eyes released earlier this year.

About the book

The last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife, until The Lady Jane Blackmore seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton’s ballroom. But there she stands, attempting to shut out the rest of the world by simply closing her eyes, but the duke understands better than most that life is never that simple.

The last thing Jane wants is a husband, until she opens her eyes to find the scarred and much too handsome stranger secluded in her chosen quiet corner. Why can’t the obstinate man understand she just needs a brief moment of solitude before returning to face her tormentors? But no matter how many times she tells him to go away, he remains. So is it her fault that her father misunderstands the young duke’s intentions?

Whilst marriage isn’t on Phillip—as she learns the duke is called—or Jane’s mind, when society’s trials and tribulations come, they soon become each other’s touchstone, and by it discover that joy is tantalisingly within their grasp, although others seem intent on thwarting their every wish.

One of the most recent reviews

Take one duke who is reluctant to marry and continue his ducal line; add another duke’s daughter whose every social appearance ends in disaster due to her seeming clumsiness. Place both in a quiet corner of the Earl of Braxton’s ballroom where the lady (Jane Blackmore) seeks to shield her ruined gown behind some large potted ferns unaware that she is not alone. She closes her eyes to escape the venue and mentally retreats to the one place she loves above all others – a cottage by the sea. Her brief respite is interrupted by the Duke of Greystone who is captivated by the winsome miss. Now add in a jealous young woman and a vengeful stepmother and you have a terrific romantic story awaiting your reading pleasure.

I Close My Eyes follows the usual storyline of happiness after overcoming personal trials and tribulations. The characters are endearing or vengeful, depending on their role, and the ending is one you won’t want to miss.

Author Regina Puckett wastes little time on superfluous description as her story is concisely woven. If you enjoy historical romance, don’t miss this one!

Read all the reviews and buy the book:

A selection of books by Regina Puckett.

Discover all the books, read the reviews and buy the books:

Connect to Regina via her blog:

Thank you for dropping by today and it would be great if you could share these author updates with your connections. Thanks Sally

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