Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Nobel Prize winning research into sugar and how it creates cancer discarded!

Smorgasbord Health 2017This following excerpt from an article was shared on Facebook by author Brigid Gallagher ( and it reinforces my own message about not only industrialised foods but also a diet high in industrialised sugars.  I am not advocating that we never eat ice-cream, chocolate or the occasional piece of white baked goods, but it should be a small part of an all natural diet.

It also fits nicely into the current series on Digestive health and Candida Albicans which also feeds on sugar and flourishes.

Sugar Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells it May Even CREATE Them by PAUL FASSA

First realize that even without being diagnosed with cancer, we all have at least a few cancerous cells floating around in our “inner terrain”. A decent immune system residing in a slightly alkaline or neutral pH inner terrain is able to fend them off and keep them from colonizing into tumorous masses.

On the other hand, those who indulge primarily in the SAD (Standard American Diet), which includes lots of factory farmed meat and junk foods saturated with refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which processed foods use even with their non-sweet products to keep you addicted, along with all those refined carbs in refined grain baked products, are adding fuel (literally) to the fire of cancer.

Mainstream oncology ignores this 1930s Nobel Prize discovery by Otto Warburg, aka the “Warburg Effect”: When normal cells begin to lack oxygen respiration to utilize glucose and nutrients metabolically for cellular energy, they depend on fermenting sugar to thrive without oxygen and become cancerous.

getting chemo

Yum … ice cream with my chemo!

Instead oncologists administer chemo IV therapies while giving their patients ice cream and cookies as the poison is injected into them. Big profits from the treatment and selling those toxic drugs at a profit also. “Cancer cells consume sugar about 19x faster than healthy cells.” – Dr. Murray Susser, MD

Read the rest of this very important article on sugars:

Clearly the medical profession are more impressed by the lyrics of the song “A Spoonful of Sugar helps the Medicine go down” than scientific research

Here are some of my own posts on the subject of sugar

19 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Nobel Prize winning research into sugar and how it creates cancer discarded!

  1. I certainly agree with you and Annette. Sugar isn’t good for anyone.
    In January, I cut out refined sugar from my diet. I actually had sugar withdrawal symptoms for two weeks. I was addicted to candy. It’s been 16 weeks and I lost 24 lbs. I’ve noticed that without refined sugar I don’t feel as hungry either. Thanks for sharing this great info, Sally. 👍

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    • Well done Tracy and addiction to sugar is as real as to any narcotic. We have had chocolate over the weekend and I am ready to come off it now because it has become too sweet. Congratulations on the weight loss and I remember when I went through mine all those years ago that the satisfaction of getting into jeans for the first time in years far outweighed the momentary pleasure of a bar of chocolate.. hugs ♥

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  2. There’s more and more information coming out now about the inherent risks and dangers of over-processed foods, sugar, toxic additives that form part of what many consider to be ‘normal’ and healthy nutrition.

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    • I agree Raili but even 48 years ago when I was training a dental nurse we had a child who was drinking too much of the new fangled (to the UK) fizzy drinks and to show him what happened to a baby tooth we took our because it was bad.. we put in a glass of coke overnight and he came back the next day and we showed him and his mum how it had disappeared overnight. We assume that if food is on the shelf in our supermarket that it is safe to eat. We also assume that if a goverment advisory service tells us that we should be eating more of one group and less of another that they must know what they are doing. That has been proved wrong several times in the last 60 years. Our parents did not have the choice and would use what fresh produce was available and only small portions of meat as it was more expensive. A cake might be baked for tea but it was a small part of a much healthier diet without industrialised foods. Sugar is virtually everywhere and as addicts we have a steady supply on every shelf in town. I am just about to start a new Cook from Scratch series which I ran a couple of years ago with guest posts of family recipes that did not use industrialised foods.. I will be looking for volunteers. Happy Easter.

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  3. I’ve long suggested that sugar and crap manufactured food is killing Americans, but we’re addicted to it and don’t want to hear. Even I’m addicted, but I know it. I went on a sugar/carb free diet for seven months and lost eighty pounds, but once I went to maintenance the sugar craving returned. Why? Because it’s in just about everything we eat.

    The great irony is that high fructose corn syrup was promoted as a healthier alternative to sugar in food only forty years ago. (I now wonder if these weren’t food industry sponsored studies to justify cost-cutting). It turns out any sweetener kills. We now know, based on research at the University of Texas, that artificial sweeteners block the ability of the body to properly absorb nutrients.

    However, unlike smoking, and even alcoholism, sugared and high-fat foods don’t intrude directly into the lives of people who watch everyone around them grow obese. We find obesity aesthetically unpleasing, but not dangerous to us. We don’t get killed by sidestream obesity or killed by obese drivers.

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    • I am like you Phillip if I don’t eat white carbs and sugary foods it is much easier to maintain my weight. Most children in the western world are being born sugar addicts because of their mother’s diet. Then if not breast fed the majority of formulas contain some form of sweetener. When children are weaned most mothers buy from the shelves in the supermarket and what manufacturer is going to make bitter food! The only escape from industrialised food is to cook from scratch and if not a baker, buy sugar free bread. It is not more expensive to cook smart and to give babies home cooked fresh food that is pureed but it takes time and the reason I get from most mums I have talked to is that they are working and their babies are at childcare and that it is easier and less time. However, all the food can be prepared in one session and some frozen and the rest kept in the fridge for a couple of days. All schools should go back to domestic science even in the juniors so by the time they leave they have the life skills to eat properly and it will save our health services a fortune in years going forward. If they think they are under siege now with lifestyle related diseases just wait another ten years when the fast food generation reaches 50. We may not be killed by those who are obese and don’t take care of their health at them moment but we might be in the future when we cannot get the medical attention we need for an emergency or non self-inflicted health problem. Having been 150kilos I can get away with saying it but the fat lobby is very powerful and demand that they have a right to do what they like with their own bodies and after all fat is beautiful. It is not and the hundreds of fat people I have worked with over the last 20 years see no joy in it. As to government recommendations… you are right they go with flavour of the month and spout whatever their largest contributors are saying and the sugar lobby is very powerful. Sally

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  5. You’re preaching to the converted, Sally. We’re also very accustomed to celebrating things with sweets and unhealthy meals, and use them as rewards and we have a very unhealthy relationship with food in general (comfort eating, anyone?). It is a deeply engrained problem and I think it would require a major intervention like what happened with anti-smoking campaigns but…

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    • Anyone who has tried to pry sweets from a two year old’s hands should appreciate that it is the same at every age. As you say it is well entrenched into the food chain. I still love a bit of chocolate but I do know that if I did everyday I would be hooked again. hope you had a good Easter… not sure how it came around so quickly.. hugs xx

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