Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 19th April 2017 – Hugh Roberts, Darlene Foster, Sue Vincent, Robbie Cheadle, C.S. Boyack, Jaye Marie

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to my small selection of terrific blogs I have read in the last couple of days – there was no Blogger Daily yesterday due to an unexpected event but will add a couple ot this edition. To kick us off is one of Hugh Roberts short stories prompted by the advert for chocolate by the Audrey Hepburn look alike…wonderful.

Audrey Hepburn & The Chocolate Bar – What Happened Next?

The cool breeze passed Audrey’s face. The area around her mouth, now covered with chocolate, felt a little stiff but smelled heavenly. She looked down, as the stranger driving the car stared at her through the rear-view mirror. His eyes were a deep, dark, brown, almost the same colour as the chocolate smothered across her face. She looked up again and wondered why he was driving a right-hand drive vehicle when they were in Italy?

Read the rest of the story:

Darlene Foster

The next blog post is from Darlene Foster with her guest Maureen Moss talking about her book More to Life.

Today I am featuring Maureen Moss, author of More To Life. Maureen has written an entertaining travel adventure for adults, a grown up version of Amanda’s travels in a way. Here is more about Maureen and her wonderful book.

More To Life, by Maureen Moss

Divorce. Career kaput. A house move. Three of life’s scariest situations all hit Rachael as she’s entering her forties. This is definitely not the future she signed up for. What’s a girl to do? Run away, of course. Flinging off convention, she plans a wild, exciting and challenging adventure, heading to the East in the hope of finding some meaning in her life. To leave her three teenage children behind is unthinkable. However, any decisions regarding their place in the picture are not hers alone to make: her ex has a few words to say about her plans. Could he scupper her dream? Come along for the ride with Rachael and her family as they stumble through weird encounters, meeting quirky, and often downright peculiar, characters on their travels. More to Life is a light-hearted look at family relationships when tested in unfamiliar environments.

Read the rest of Maureen’s fascinating interview:

Another intersting post for writers now.. C.S. Boyack shares his arrangement with a group of writers who offer each other reciprocal services.. This makes absolute sense since most of us would find it tough to pay for beta readers, proof readers and editors. However, if they are fellow authors and you can offer a similar skill in return everybody wins.

My last day at the office was Wednesday. I have to go back tomorrow. Admittedly, I took this time off to pay my debt as an author. This might come as a surprise to many of you readers, but it will make sense to the authors out there. I’ll try to give the rest of you a glimpse into the secret club today.

I need proofreaders, critique groups, beta readers, blog hosts, and reviews to make my books a success. There isn’t a kind of shop where you can go get all of that. Being self published is often a matter of supporting your hobby without going too far into the hole. The big dream is to turn a profit someday.

Read the rest of the post and get some ideas of how you might find a similar group:

Sue Vincent’s guest today is Robbie Cheadle who shares the story of two old nursery rhymes that we may have sung at one point but not known the origins of.

Aiken Drum

When my son Gregory was a small lad, we had a CD for the car which included a folk song/nursery rhyme called Aiken Drum. I had never heard this nursery rhyme before but we both enjoyed it a lot and this was the first nursery rhyme Greg learned off by heart.

The nursery rhyme originates from Scotland and is thought to date back to the Jacobite rising in 1715 and to be about the Battle of Sheriffmuir. Jacobitism was a political movement in Great Britian and Ireland between 1688 and 1746. The aim of the Jacobites was to restore the Roman Catholic Stuart King James VII of Scotland, II of England and Ireland and his heirs to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. The song was first printed in 1820 by James Hogg in his two-volume collection of songs about the Jacobite rising called Hogg’s Jacobite Reliques.

Read the post and find out more about the history of this nursery rhyme and also that of I had a little nut tree:

Normally I would put this in the Cafe and Bookstore Update but since that is not until Friday I am sharing today as it was a blog post. From today, 19th April to 25th, the second book of Jaye Marie’s trilogy, The Last Life, is FREE on Amazon.

Book description

Kate Devereau wakes up in a hospital, unable to speak or move. Her brain has shut down, refusing to acknowledge her dark and disturbing past, concealing a web of painful secrets.

Michael Barratt brought her to the hospital, insisting that her ex-husband had tried to kill her. And from the state of him, had tried to kill him too. He had been searching for Kate for years, ever since their doomed love affair, only to discover someone else had been hunting her too.

With the help of the DI David Snow, Kate will gradually piece her life back together, only to discover the nightmare is far from over.

Her first instinct is to run, but David Snow convinces her to stay and help him put an end to the nightmare. A nightmare that will get progressively worse before it gets better.

Haunted by his own demons, will the Snowman manage to catch the twisted killer?

Evil lurks in this story and people die, but amidst the tears and heartache, a lost love struggles to survive…

Amazon link to download the book FREE and it will prompt you to go to your country of origin from there:

Read an extract from the book on the original post:

Thanks for popping in today and I hope you enjoy this small selection of posts. Thanks Sally





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