Let’s Walk a Marathon – The internal fitness programme coming next week!

Right about now the women’s magazines will be starting with the headlines that drive up gym revenues and bikini sales.

‘Get a bikini body in six weeks’

‘ Get beach ready in just four weeks’

‘Drop two dress sizes in a month’

I look in the mirror, and if I put the right glasses on, it is clear that short of having extensive liposuction there is no way in the world that I will be displaying my body, in a bikini, on the beach in six weeks. And I have a sneaking suspicion that lying on the beach in four weeks in any form of swimming costume might result in a rescue effort to push me back into the ocean.

I can hear you now.

 “Oh Sally don’t say such dreadful things about your self.. Love the body you have and beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

That is lovely of you, but you have to understand that having been 24 stone (330lbs or 150kilos) 22 years ago, I am not very keen  to get to that weight again. This requires honesty and  being very overweight is not healthy, it is not attractive and it shortens your life.

Sorry to be so blunt, but not only was I morbidly obese, but I had all the lifestyle induced diseases to go with it.  I have worked hard to maintain both my weight and the key indicators of health such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels and fitness.

However, I realised a couple of months ago that I was slipping back into a sedentary lifestyle, weight was going on around more than just my middle, and I was getting out of breath climbing the stairs. So easy to slip into denial, and I realised that I was really missing the sunny days outside walking, swimming from May to October and daily workouts on my treadmill in the winter months.

The weather does have a lot to do with it, and whilst I love being back in Ireland, and in the past have walked our dog Sam in rain, hail and snow, I just could not work up the enthusiasm.  I was going to join the gym.. however I realised that like many before me, I would go for a month and then leave the balance of my membership in their bank account;  part  of their marketing mission!

So three weeks ago I made the decision and we bought a top of the range treadmill.  It is in the spare room downstairs… has a monitor on the wall connected to a playlist of videos and looks out over the garden. My playlist on my iPod is loaded with my favourite work out music and I also have a 4kilo kettle weight that I use after walking. (more about my progress during the challenge)

Get fit or die sooner than later.

The issue here is not what you look like on the outside and certainly you can carry a certain amount of extra weight and still be fit. However, the more important picture is the one we cannot see.

If we are carrying a lot of extra fat it is not just lying under our ever expanding skin… it is wrapped around our major organs, slowly sucking the life out of them by limiting their effectiveness.

You are not going to like these images.

Here is the link to the article that goes along with these images.

Confirmed: Belly Fat associated with visceral Fat is Far More Dangerous than Having a Total BMI

A study on belly fat presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress confirms that visceral fat – the type that gathers around your internal organs – is far more dangerous to your health than you might think.

The traditional index of obesity, BMI (body mass index), has been proven to be terribly flawed as having a normal overall BMI and high abdominal obesity was found to be more dangerous than having a total BMI in the obese range.

For example, cardiovascular deaths in the study were 2.75 times higher for those of normal weight who had big bellies compared to those with both a normal BMI and a normal waist-to-hip ratio. It also implies that monitoring one’s belly fat is more important than watching BMI.

Images and article courtesy of: http://www.impianemasmedicalcentre.com/visceral-fat-more-dangerous-than-you-think/

 Back to my view of my body.

I can live with being a bit chubby and certainly I have clothes in my wardrobe that expand over a number of sizes. But what I cannot live with is the build up of fat around my heart, liver, kidneys etc.

A note about that! A little fat around our kidney’s is there to act as a cushion to protect them in case of severe injury. But there is not supposed to be enough to strangle them.

Earlier in the year I serialised my weight loss programme that I have developed and introduced hundreds of clients too during my career as a nutritional therapist, and if you want and need to lose weight then I will give you the links to all the posts that you can read and adapt for your own requirements.

Smorgasbord Weight Reduction 2017










But whilst you are embarking on this safe and healthy weight loss programme you can be joining me in my own challenge which will help speed up the process, help lose the internal fat and get you fit.

The aim of the challenge:

Walk the equivalent of a 26 mile marathon in 6.5 hours over one week after 12 weeks of training.

Starting at midnight on Monday, I will be posting the preparations you need to make to walk safely and to set realistic targets.

For those of you who might just be starting out in getting fit then please join us and remain on the various training levels for longer until you are comfortable moving up to the next level. It is not about how long you take as you will still be getting the health benefits once you take that first step.

NB. If you are very overweight then it is important to begin to exercise slowly but surely to prevent injury or health problems. Do consult your doctor if you have concerns.

By the way – I have just completed my first marathon and I did it in 10 hours over 14 days. So I have a way to go too.

During this challenge please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the weight loss programme and I am very happy to help to design your eating programme to suit you shouuld you need that.  sally.cronin@moyhill.com

Ready, Steady Go  and see you on the start line Midnight UK time on Monday.

49 thoughts on “Let’s Walk a Marathon – The internal fitness programme coming next week!

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  2. Yes, I subscribe to the make the dang bikini fit my body plan.. that being said, I am all about the getting back into my healthier me routine, which I enjoyed immensely at the time. Over time I, too, have become lax and have made it my goal to be back to my wedding weight, 37 years ago. It’s not an outrageous number, in fact, I would imagine that I could go 40 pounds below that and please every insurance chart in the world. However I liked how I looked and felt at that weight AND what I did to reach that weight. So, here i go!

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    • I agree Annette and the insurance tables were designed over 50 years ago and have little relevance today. I am and will always be a big girl but I have some fabulous clothes sitting in a trunk upstairs that deserve a few more outings… I am not spending any more of my 65th year not wearing them… ♥♥


    • I have no ligaments in my right knee Ellen .. the cost of pushing myself out of a car drivers side for ten years weighing 150kilos! That is why I like my treadmill as I can have a steady platform without worrying about rough ground. Do you swim at all? that I found very useful.. I will be starting things off very gently so I hope that there is something that you can get from it.. thanks for commenting. Sally.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi there *waves* we are in
        Limbo between sold house and waiting keys we are motorhoming on the edge of a forest so walking would be most accessible. I learned to swim a length crawl last year so once moved am hoping to find a pool but how much benifit one lap at a time will give I am not sure. I have a dutch bike so hope to be able to walk and bike. A bowel op 18 months ago means no aerobic bouncing or lifting at all. I think I lost my walking friend and hated it on my own. Hence weight gain.

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  3. Wonderful post and so good to see a lose-weight, feel-better post that doesn’t focus on what the outside of the body looks like. Thank you for including scientific references to the dangers of having visceral fat encircling the organs.

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  4. Ah, Sally, I’m sorry I can’t do this challenge. I can’t walk very far at all without being in terrible pain. I have to walk with a stick and this will be me for the rest of my life. But….I can and will offer my support to any of us taking up your challenge. Big hugs. xx

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  6. I’ll be waiting for Monday! Celebrated my 70th birthday this week. Can’t wait any longer if I’m to enjoy the next 20 (or more, I can hope) years. 🙂

    So far this year–with a combination of healthier eating (fewer snacks, smaller meals, midday meal being the main one) and treadmilling six days a week, I’m down 20 pounds. More happily than that, most of those pounds have come off from the middle—so it’s belly fat that’s departing.

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  8. There is no way that I would wear a bikini, but I am trying to increase my exercise levels as well. The diet is still going ok with ups and downs, but now I am walking more on the days that I g to uni. For once my fitness app is telling me that I am getting close to my steps target instead of the usual lagging behind.I am certainly with you on this Sally, even if I don”t make the marathon I will be cheering you on!!! 🙂

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  11. Bikini days long gone too, but I will give this a go even though winter is very much on its way. I’m doing a dance exercise class tomorrow (my first in 3 years), so wish me luck with that. Great post.

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