Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 21st April 2017 – Neysa Sanghavi visits Rawanda, Damon Ashworth Psychology and Victory Mums.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the last of the Blogger Dailys this week and I thought I would introduce you to some of the new bloggers that I have connected with this week.

The first is 16 year old Neysa Sanghavi  who took the initiative to visit Rawanda, to see for herself how this country, that has been the subject of public attention, films and books because of its horrific civil war and genocide, is now faring. A very interesting and informative post.

My first encounter with Humanity – It was six month ago when I first visited Rwanda.

When I took the challenge to visit Rwanda and meeting survivors of genocide I wasn’t very much aware of the fact that this would turn out to be my first encounter with Humanity. My thoughts were running around my friends and other people telling me to remain safe. Violent and Under developed was tagged with Rwanda down here. But something within me wasn’t really cared about all of them. I wanted to visit and know and experience by myself. That time I had no idea what would I really want to do by visiting.

Read the rest of this very informative post:

We all have different terms to describe personality, particularly with regard to our characters, and this post by Damon Ashworth on his psychology blog, with links to free personality testing sites might make a useful writers’ tool. I have taken a couple of these for work related reasons… this may be why I am better working alone!!!!  Damon also shares his own test results and asks the question.. can you teach an old dog new tricks? Can someone change their personality?

Can Someone Change Their Personality?

One of the benefits of being so interested in psychology is that I have performed nearly every psychology test there is on myself since beginning my Clinical Psychology Doctorate in 2010. This has no doubt given me many insights into myself, but it has also given me the skills and knowledge to help others to find out a lot about themselves too.

If you are wanting to learn more about yourself, a great place to start is a personality assessment, which I have already recommended in an earlier article: Personality Assessments – The Way to Figure Out Who We Are.

The best free test out there in my opinion is the IPIP-NEO, as it can be accessed and completed for free online (see the website personality assessor if you are interested).

Read the rest of the post and perhaps take the test yourself!:

The next post is from a blog that is specifically for new and active mums and is written by Helen Murawska and Hayley Hopkins, based at Victory Health & Performance Physiotherapy clinic in Liverpool Street – London.

I know girls most of us are well past this but think of your daughters or other young mums you know and this will be a useful blog to follow. This post looks at a condition that can be experienced during and after pregnancy..

Before physio, I used to be a pain in the butt ~ Piriformis “Syndrome”.

So you have a pain in the butt that is gradually getting worse? (And we’re not talking about the husband or kids here!)

If you are experiencing a dull ache or pain that numbs one side of your buttock which then goes on and radiates down the back of your leg, chances are, that your piriformis muscle is tight – something that some people call “piriformis syndrome”.

Find out more about this particular pain in the butt and the exercises and treatments:

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my new blogging contacts and will head over and read the complete posts.. As always you are welcome to leave the link to your latest post in the comments for me to share.. Have a great weekend.. Sally


16 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 21st April 2017 – Neysa Sanghavi visits Rawanda, Damon Ashworth Psychology and Victory Mums.

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  2. My definite favourite article is Damon’s analysis of his personality test scores. People often dismiss psychology as instinctive saying, it’s just common sense… but that is mainly because we often hold wildly varying and often contradictory views… so whatever the result we think that is obvious.. when it isn’t at all. It is interesting to consider whether we change over time and if we do can we predict the ways we might? Damon’s informal study, over 7 years, of mapping the changes in himself onto a personality test makes for interesting reading and challenges our self perception and view of self.

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    • I agree..I think looking at parents is quite an indicator.. My mother was quite out there when she was in her late teens and twenties.. made her own clothes, was a bit of a madam and I know that I inherited that from her..made my own path.. then I watched how she change through her 50s up to 95.. some things did not change but others did due to changing social restrictions, physical changes and world weariness. Interesting stuff..

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