Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – The Art of Murder by Dakota McGraw

Welcome to Dakota McGraw and her new book which was released at the end of March, The Art of Murder: A Vincent Kapoulous Crime Story.

About the book

What was Reginald Johnson Harrison into? And did Sylvia Shannon kill him?

Those are the two questions that keep playing in the mind of Detective Vincent Kapoulous.

The best detective on the case is stumped. It doesn’t help that the person of interest is one of the most beautiful women he’s meet—and he’s fallen for her.

But putting that aside, he has a case to solve. So using his unorthodox methods, with the help of his ride or die secretary and rookie partner, they set out to find out about missing paintings, dead bodies and possibly one of the most beautiful serial killers in the world.

Sylvia Shannon is confused, in the dark and a suspect for murder. With a stepsister she can scarcely trust and a handsome detective that seems to take more than a professional interests in her; she doesn’t know where to turn.

She knows one thing however: she’s not going to jail for a murder she didn’t do, and if she has to solved this crime herself, so be it.

She just hopes that her growing feelings for the sexy, cool Detective Kapoulous doesn’t trip her up.

A crime suspense story with a Film Noir feel, set in contemporary times.

This story isn’t a matter of who did it? But why?

You’ll never look at art and a museum the same way again!

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About Dakota McGraw

Dakota McGraw has travelled all over the world and lived in various countries. In fact, she made it a point to hit all seven continents before the age of 40. And in 1998 at the age of 33, she traveled to Antarctica on a Russian Ice-breaker ship.

But before that, she lived in Italy taking voice lessons. Classically trained, she is a mezzo-soprano. Her love of classical music can be seen when she writes in her study. Sometimes it’s Rachmaninoff in the background. Other times Chopin or Mozart. Whatever gets her creative juices flowing for her next crime scene.

She’s dated interesting men in her life and is married to one that’s even a mystery to her. LOL.

*WHISPERING* It’s also said that she dated a mobster once. But she said he was in real estate… that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

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