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Smorgasbord Blogger DailyPoet Kevin Morris has got a radio interview coming up on Vancouver Co-op radio in the first week of May.. something to put in your diary.  If you get the opportunity to be interviewed on air then do take it.. brilliant book promotion.

I am pleased to announce that I shall be appearing on Vancouver Co-op Radio (, on Thursday 4 May, to talk about my soon to be released collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind and Other Poems”.

My interview will also include me reading a selection of my poetry. To listen please tune in at 1:10 pm Vancouver time (9:10 pm UK time).

For my previous interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series, please visit

To follow Kevin and his blog please head over:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

David makes curries from scratch and I was weaned on them as I was a toddler in Sri Lanka.  We have had Sunday curry lunches as a tradition wherever we have lived including in Texas where Indian restaurants were few and far between in the 1980s. We hope to revive the tradition here as it turns our our neighbours are all keen curry fans. However, today it is the turn of an expert to give us the recipe for one of our favourites Lamb Rogon Josh.. Always great to compare recipes and to learn new twists that enhance the dish.  Here is Deepa from Curry Lives.

Rogan Josh is a popular Kashmiri dish; it is a beautiful dish with wholesome blend of exotic spices.

It gets its signature color from those less spicy red Kashmiri chillies and crispy fried onions. Many recipes add tomatoes in this dish but better not, it may bring that color to the dish but it will ruin the authenticity of the dish.

Get the recipe for the Rogan Josh:

Talking about hot and spicy!!! Debby Gies put me on the grill for a light roasting on Friday in one of her New Book promotions.. I love nothing better than talking about myself.. My thanks to Debby of course for the chance to talk about What’s in a Name..As always she was very generous with her introduction.. Here is an excerpt from the post.

Welcome Sal. I’m so happy to have you over today and share more of yourself and your writing with us all. So let’s dive in!

Can you share with us where your story ideas came from for this book?

I was fascinated with the origins of my name when I was young, and I asked my mother why she had called me Sally Georgina. Apparently she just liked the name Sally, but Georgina was after her mother. My grandmother was a very petite woman with small hands and feet and very ladylike. As I grew, and grew to nearly six feet tall, with very large feet and hands I felt increasingly embarrassed by my middle name. 

Read the rest of the interview:

Thomas the Rhymer

Regulars will have been enjoying the posts by Paul Andruss every week for the last six months.. A mixture of treasures from his archives and original posts written specifically for Smorgasbord. Here is a post on his own blog about the enigmatic, talented but tragic Joe Orton whose plays shocked and also delighted audiences in the theatre and on the big screen during the 1960s.

When Joe Orton’s future agent, Peggy Ramsay, said she found his first play derivative, Joe blithely replied: “I’ll try ’n write you a better one, dear.”

To which she answered: “That would be gorgeous!”

Peggy was referring to his one act drama called ‘Ruffian on the Stair’ aired by BBC Radio on 31 August 1964.

Joe had only started writing seriously a year or so before, after his release from prison. He served a sentence for defacing library books. Ornamenting the dust-jackets with preposterous collages, which Islington Local History Centre now treasure as works of art.

Read this fascinating expose of the life and work of Joe Orton:

Time to end with some music. Thom Hickey of The Immortal Jukebox celebrates the life of Jesse Winchester a singer, songwriter that I admit I had not heard of.. but when you read this posts including a tribute from Bob Dylan and you listen to the videos you will be entranced as I was.

Sometimes I’m asked because of my eclectic tastes if there is one under appreciated, lesser known artist who deserves to be much better known. I always answer – Jesse Winchester.
To explain why and to pay tribute to his wonderful songs three years after his death I am Reblogging my Post on him from 2014.

An investment in Jesse Winchester records will pay you dividends for your lifetime.

Jesse Winchester died at the age of 69 in April 2014.

I first heard him in the mid 1970s on Charlie Gillett’s rightly legendary radio show, ‘Honky Tonk’ which became my open university course on 20th century popular music.

and this from later in the post.

“Bob Dylan, surely the dean of Songwriting, said that you could not talk about the best songwriters in the world without including Jesse and he paid him the compliment (granted to few of his contemporaries) of playing one of his songs on his wonderful radio show, ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’.”

Enjoy the rest of the post and the music from Jesse Winchester:

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s selection of posts I have enjoyed.. not enough time I am afraid to read all those I follow every day.. but what I do manage I love.


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